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Hey, strange situation.

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Ok, I posted on here in February or there abouts having been to my GP and referred to a dermatologist for accutane treatment. I'd had years without luck on antibiotics.

Anyway, it was an eight week wait and then something went wrong and I was asked to return to my doctor so that he could refer me again.

I was a little angry so I didn't get in touch with him for quite a while but since then my acne has cleared up significantly. Not entirely sure why, but in hindsight I've been using tea tree stuff, from several different brands and my skin seems to stay less greasy for longer with it. Not acne related stuff, just face washes that I found smell nicer and feel nicer really.

ANYWAY, going to my GP next week and I'm concerned. If he does refer me again, is it a good thing to take accutane if my acne has cleared up? My train of thought is that if I keep up what I'm doing it may completely disappear on it's own.

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Don't bother with the Accutane if your skin is clearing up. How old are you? Maybe you're just starting to grow out of the acne. Save yourself the thousands of dollars, hassle, and side effects of Accutane.

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I'm 21. My acne is strange, it's not severe anymore but it has been pretty much everything up to cystic. It's been my neck for the last few years.

In the past washing my face and neck was ineffective and I did it out of cleanliness as opposed to necessity. However it seems that using less harsh products has kept my pores clearer than anything else and that has had the effect of lessening likelihood of cysts developing. I don't know, I'm not an expert that just seemed like a common sense explanation.

As for the accutane, health care is free in the UK. So cost is not a factor, it just seems like the side effects may outweigh any pros if my skin is getting better. If you see what I mean?

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