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I goofed, Burned Nodules/Cysts

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Hey everyone,

Boy did I wish I found this forum a little while ago, save me some headache. I definitely did not know the different types of acne, and I just found out I have nodules and cysts on the bottom of my face, and I've been popping them. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to, so now, scarring most likely. yay.

To add to my ignorance, yesterday I layed a hot compress on my nodules/cysts, just to kind of soothe the pain, and it worked, and they actually looked to be less swollen and felt better all throughout the day, until today.

They are darker in color, purple almost, and hurt quite badly. Did I burn that skin? Or is it just simply really p'ed off? I'm really worried that I really messed up, I have uploaded a picture, it doesn't do it justice, as they are a lot darker in color, and bigger, it almost looks like they have come to a bloody head.

Oh, and this is my first post, so If I gave too little info, or messed up, definitely correct me! Thanks everyone.

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You didn't burn the lesions, you 'just' inflamed them. Heat is inflammatory for acne. Ice will help more for ones that are that painful. Please see link in my signature that starts "What to do..."

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