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Too scared to use Differin, so she gave me Retisol A?!?

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I've just recently become a "frequent poster" on this site in response to developing horrendous skin following the birth of my son (my 3rd child and the only one to make me this ugly!!) Anyways, I've been seeing a dermotologist who originally prescribed me Differin 0.3%. I only used it about 4 times for several hours at a time, but it burned. She then gave me Differin 0.1% which in all honesty I didn't use at all because I was traumatized by my first experience. I went ack to the derm yesterday and was very honest with her about my fears. She has now given me Retisol A 0.05%. I spoke to her about being terrified about an initial breakout. I don't get a lot of pimples... but for the past few months I seem to consistantly have one or two big ones on my face that have left me with scars and pigmination. My fear is that I'll get an IB, worse than what I've been dealing with and then i'll have more marks. She said if I start off very slowly I can avoid this. She told me to use the cream for one hour each night and then wash it off. She said week two do 4 hours, week 3 every seond night etc. etc. etc. Has anyone ever done this meathod? Did it work? I'd really appreciate some insight.

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Im using 0.025 which is a fairly strong strength, i couldnt tolerate any higher, although I leave it on overnight, whereas you have been recommended to wash it off after a short period.

You will probably find the weaker strengths of topicals are better because they are just as effective but with less irritation, so you can leave them on for longer without getting so sore & dry, & the longer you leave them on the more chance they have to be effective.


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Thanks.... Uh, I'm having a slow moment here.... is my 0.05 stronger than yours then? She said she was giving me this one because it was weaker than the Differin. I'd like to start off with the weakest possible.

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