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Vitamin B Complex & Pantothen

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I read about Pantothen and was absolutely sucked in and it seems logical (like every other acne treatment I have tried).

Ihave been taking vitamin B complex vitamins for a few days before it arrives and I can honestly say my skin is no where near as oily as it used to be, for the first time at work I didn't have to use my oil removal pads- also my spots aren't painful anymore...gradually turning into smaller unpoppable pimples; I cant believe this result after a few days.

Anyway my Pantothen arrived today so I shall keep you updated on how things go. Best to try another oral treatment after growing immune to erythromycin and oxytetracycline making no impact at all.

The best treatment I had was Zyneryt but after 6 months I grew immune to the topical antibiotics and a worse breakout than ever. Panoxyl aquagel has always been a good fall back but the drying out hurts and makes me look like I've aged a decade. Sudacrem is probably the best antiinflammatry, just a pain as it gets on everythin.

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Good luck to you! I just posted this same reply on another Pantothen thread, but I want to post it here too.... just to give you my experience with Pantothen so far. I think it's working for me! ;)

Yesterday marked two weeks since I started taking Pantothen. And as far as I can tell, they're right.... it takes about a week or two (closer to two for me) and you START clearing (I highlight START because it's easy to get your expectations up and think you should be all clear in two weeks)....

In any case, over this past weekend (so about 1.5 weeks into taking Pantothen) my breakouts started slowing considerably. I have spent the past 5 days with barely any new acne (and of the bit of new stuff I've gotten, they're more "normal" smaller pimples, not the large painful inflamed stuff I have been dealing with!). Last week at this time I had 7 or 8 cystic-type pimples on my face (among other smaller ones). Now I have no cysts and very few small zits. So SOMETHING is working! My skin's oil production is definitely slowing too. I have been taking other supplements too, which makes it hard to know what's doing what. BUT, I'd rather be clear and have to sort thru that later. Here's my routine:

Pantothen: 4x/day

Saw Palmetto: 160mg 2x/day

Vit D3: 1000 IU 1x/day

Zinc: 50mg 1x/day

Fish Oil: 1200mg 1 or 2x/day

Routine (both morning and night):

Wash with Hibiclens Antimicrobial Wash

Lather on Dan's BP

Lather on Dan's moisture (sometimes I'll use sunscreen instead)

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I also started taking complex b, zinc, magnesium - - and yea, way less oiley. This sounds kinda wierd but I haven't shampooed my hair in 5 days and it feels totally fine - not greasy at all.

On a side note - do you have dandruff?

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