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Air Drying and St Ives Scrub

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I'm not buying the acne is caused by irritation gig that people tell me around here. I'm sorry but I had success on the regimen and I would work that stuff into my face pretty aggressively if I was running late with no adverse effect on its clearing capabilities.

With that said I love how smooth st ives apricot scrub makes my face feel and it definitely removes every trace of flaking skin off my face. Has anyone successively added this product to their skin care regimen> if not daily maybe once a week??

And secondly I am cheap as hell and even more broke than I am cheap. I have something like 3 towels and I hate to spread bacteria by using them more than twice or so. Is there anything wrong with air drying my face after a shower?


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I love airdrying, in fact i always do it like that. Even when i am rushing in the morning for school. If my face is damp or wet, i just continue with my outfit, and by the time im ready to put on my moistuzer, my face would be dry.

Air drying helps alot, trust me. And you just need to make it fit somehow into your day so it doesnt slow you down.

I just find st. ives scrubs irritating espcially when using bp or any other medication. I suggest a natural or chemical exfloliant such as a yogurt mask or tomato mask.

But if you find scrubs to be great, then go for it. I used to love scrubing (triweekly) but ever since trying bp, the scrubs were just too much for me.

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Thanks for the reply! My face is a disaster as is so I figure if there was ever a time to try to include new products (st ives) it would be now!

As for air drying I did it this morning and I like how it feels better as well.

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To be honest I used St. Ives Black and Blemish Control for a for around 4-6 months, everyday, and it didn't help my acne at all. I wouldn't recommend that as an effective acne treatment. If anything, like mine, it will just make your acne worse.

Your better off going the more natural way!

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