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Can ANYBODY help me with my problem?

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Hey Everyone!

Ok so I have hypperpigmentation, they are a very dark red and they are ALL over my face ): I'm tired of wearing full coverage foundation . How can I get rid of them,

the thing is I live in Japan, & they dont have any of the products that people list T____T and it sucks !

Ive tried;

Vitamin E

Lemon Juice (still trying it out)

Potatoe thing xD

Tomatoe thing

Asprin Masks

Mint Julep Masks

TheBodyShop Aloe Serum

Vitamin C Toner

H20 Toner

Aloe Moisturizer

& other masks , but they dont seem to work that well.

Please help! do you guys have any suggestions besides surgery ? :/

Ive had these ugly marks for about a year now -__- Really annoying, but yeah any homemade stuff I can try? I really need help because I have A LOT of these spots :( Should I continue using Lemon Juice or am I wasting my time? (vitamin E doesnt work for me)

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Seeing as I've barely started using these products, I'm not completely sure of their effectiveness. However, you should check out tamanu oil and Apple Cider Vinegar. I just started using tamanu oil (100% pure) a couple of days ago and I have had no adverse effects. It's too soon to tell if it's made a big difference but the fact that it hasn't aggravated my skin is good enough for me. Also, I used to use Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner, but I stopped because I thought it was breaking me out. But now I realize I broke out because I had stopped using moisturizer. Anyway I'm gonna start using ACV as a toner again because it did make some slight difference when I used it for that week or so. Both these options are pretty economical and easy to find.

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Hi there, im not sure theres that many homemade things that work for red marks although i might be wrong. You should buy products which contain AHA ( Alpha Hydroxy Acid) its supposed to help red marks. Now im not sure what products you have in japan but products which contain, mandelic acid, lactic acid, kojic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid.

Im currently using a moisturiser which contains 8% mandelic acid and some serum which contains 10% mandelic acid. Its been about 3/4 weeks now and i can see some difference although not alot.

You have to remember though that it takes a while before you can see a big difference. About i dunno 4-6 months.

Anyways good luck.

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Bro. here it is what u have to do exactly. This is applied by me personally and have seen lots of improvement. This is a home remedy and i taking the risk experimented on me which works perfectly great for me my skin is fairer than before, glowing a lot, dark spots reduced some of them totally disappeared and skin got smooth like never before.

Pros: skin glowed eusa_dance.gif

dark spots reduced and disappeared

skin smooth

cons: stinks till u apply on face wacko.gif

Bottom line: Do exactly as i did. Wash face with hot water before applying this for 10 min. Take a small bowl. Put i teaspoon of honey, one lemon juice, cream from milk (which appeared on milk surface). Mix it thoroughly and apply it on face and massage it for 15 min make sure u wash face with hot water first before applying this because hot water open the pores of your face. After applying this mixture cut a slice of lemon again and message directly on dark spots area for another 10 min. leave the face for few min. and finally wash face with cold water. U will definitely see difference from day one as it also depends upon person to person skin it might take long too for u.

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I second Apple Cider Vinegar. I've been using it for a little over a month and it's been working well for me. My red marks aren't gone, but I can see them getting lighter and breaking up a little.

Exfoliation also does wonders. I use Clean and Clear Exfoliation scrub, but natural products like salt, sugar, and baking soda exfoliate as well. Medications/other natural remedies work better on exfoliated skin, I've heard. Also, drink plenty of water. Water may not help entirely with red marks, but my skin's texture looks much better once I started drinking 9 cups of water a day.

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