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glycolic acid peel tomorrow, should i be affraid?

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Hi guys,

So i met up with a friend with flawless skin who said she had a chemical peel, my dermatologist recommended it, and tomorrow i'm seeing a dermaltherapist who has won many awards to get one.

But i'm really petrified!!!!!!!!!! I also have an anxiety disorder which is probably not helping. But i'm just imaging the worst.

I'm going to ask for the lowest lowest grade chemical peel and for the shortest time possible. But i'm still scared that i'm going to ruin my face permanently (god forbid) or be badly burned, or get a bold patch in my hair where the acid goes.

My question is has anyone had this done before? At what percentage? should i be scared? was it helpful?

My anxiety disorder is going off the wall and i'm thinking about just cancelling it, my skin is not THAT bad right, i can live with it can't it... it can always get worse *cry* .... Please help.

I should add that i used to apply 15% glycolic at ph 3.8 daily.

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i feel like that things are going to go wrong because god may punish me for not appreciating what i already have and knowing it can be worse.

What do you think guys, is this my irrational anxiety disorder talking, or is there real cause for concern?

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Most likely, the strength you're getting will leave your skin slightly pink for a couple hours and then heal right up. Glycolic peels aren't a big deal at all. I've gotten so many of them done in the past...even at higher strengths they're no biggie.

You're going to be just fine, though I recommend working on your anxiety disorder.

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you should be excited...ohh and im in a catholic school (im not catholic btw, deist actually) and "god doesnt punish anyone, sin does"

just a tip, forget what god thinks about you and live your life helping others

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