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I've been suffering from pretty persistent acne for about the last 5 years, i generally get very large nodules/pimples that last for about 2 weeks but leave scarring

ive been using differin gel the last couple of years which has helped a little bit with the scarring but i still tend to get new pimpkles every 2 or 3 days.

Interestingly i noticed my breakouts are more severe after eating foods such as chocolate, pizza, cheese etc. Although i initially wondered if i had some sort of food sensitivity i was tested free from allergies last year. I seemed to have symptoms of low stomach acidity as well although again betaine hcl didnt really help

Recently i decided to try and improve my diet a little with my graduation coming closer and since il be living on my own in a few months. I came across this site: http://www.acidalkalinediet.com/Alkaline-Foods-Chart.htm

It was then i noticed that all the foods i eat are acidic foods (cheese, bread, meat, pasta, chocolate, sugars, caffeine...etc) so my problem couldnt be low stomach acidity. I noticed that most of the alkaline foods are green vegtables, which maybe makes sense why people on here go on about green smoothies and green tea

anyway just to check i decided to take some baking soda (most alkaline product) with everymeal to see the effects, i havent actually changed my diet yet so im still eating acidic foods, however i havent had any pimples for 2 - 3 weeks which was about a day after i started taking the baking soda. After ive taken it i can even feel the softness of my skin.

its also helped my slight digestive problems and ive felt full of energy recently, ive even started using it for my hair to help slight dandruff issues.

but yea ive tried pretty much everything suggested on this forum and i really hope this is the cure for me, obviously everyone is different but id say its definately worth trying even for a week, if it helps you should notice very soon, its not something that will give an initial outbreak or take a long time to work etc

anyway i dissolve half a teaspoon in water after everymeal. Anyone else willing to try this im very curious to see if im the only one?

and by the way the symptoms of low and high stomach acidity are pretty much the same, if you eat a lot of junk food, sugar etc you likely have high acidity not low

thanks guys, pleas give your feedback.

Ps its my graduation next week and i have the clearest skin ive had in 5 years... i love this stuff

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This sounds interesting, and it kind of makes sense. I just might try this. I've been taking a lot of lemon juice daily for almost a week now. I think its supposed to do the same thing: alkalize the body. Its too early to tell if its working yet but I feel like it might be.

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baking soda is a lot more alkaline, my advice is stick to a teaspoon with everymeal just for a week and see if you notice anything. i really hope this works for other people

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