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...stop masturbating.


I thought this was a joke too until I started noticing when I hadn't masturbated for a week+ my skin cleared up. Last week my skin was free of pimples (just red marks from previous pimples) and I hadn't masturbated in almost a week because i started a new job and was working so many hours.

Two days ago on my first day off I masturbated maybe 10 times the whole day and today I've been popping pimples like crazy.

Stop masturbating for 7 days and see if your skin clears up. I know it's hard but it's usually easier for me if I'm wearing pants with a belt on 24/7 because then I'm less likely to dig in my pants and start doin business.

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Doesn't make any difference what so ever to my skin...If you beleive it effects it, then it will effect it.

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Yes, this is what annoys me when ever some body posts a topic like "omg I stopped blabla and my acne has gone!". You are not putting into consideration all the other factors. For example, in my experience with 'hormonal' acne, you WILL break out, the times in between break outs are different from person to person, but you will break out because your hormones are going wild. And after each breakout (with hormonal acne) your break outs will get less and less...

I have used a lot of products in my life, like BP for example. And I realised "Hey this isn't working, my skin is getting worse!" Well dur, the hormones are doing it, its natural, and there is no way to stop it (apart from accutane maybe). But eventually your hormones start to lower, and your skin breaks out less. Now my skin is getting clearer and clearer each week. And I thought "Hey this new toner I bought is amazing, it really works!" But I beleive I am wrong, I think its just my hormones are calming down now as I'm nearly through puberty, it's easy and it feels good to say "Doing this and this made my acne better" but thats just wrong, masterbation/diet and whatever else you blame included!

I eat Fast food all the time, I exercise and sweat, I masterbate and I drink milk, and it doesn't make any difference what so ever to my skin, because I dont beleive in that crap, but if you do your gonna stress about it; and your brain is gonna react how you think it will react. The products we all use are sort of like a safety blanket...but hey I could be wrong! For example, people with schizophrenia and other mental conditions, have been given placebo pills and told by there doctor "This will get rid of the disease and make you healthy again" and sure enough they recovered, because they thought it would cure them, even though its just water pills. See the resemblance? :D Sorry for the essay, but thats my thought on it...

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Acne is not an illness, much more a chronic skin condition. This condition is aggravated by some factors that may vary from individuals to others. This includes stress, control, diet, etc...

But there is no common point.

I see no change between my acne and sexual activity, I can only say that being sexually inactive makes me bored etc.

By the way, there is no direct link.

The most powerful medication I found for my acne is my mind.

Sometimes I am so anxious about acne that I believe there is no way to have clearskin, that I am done and will have to live with it.

This period is when I break out the most (and I can go from totally clear to 3 new spots a day... that's fast). During this anxiety pattern, I try to find radical solutions, i.e : no caffeine, no milk, no sport, blabhabahba

And that lasts some days, then I start becoming apathic about my skin saying like "blah, this suck anyway I won't change". This doesn't help.

After some time being apathic, I start to feel positive and magically, my acne heals, and sometimes it heals very fast.

You cannot "stop" a regular healthy habit without which you will live in deprivation, guilt and fear.

Fear is not a fuel. It is the exact opposite.

Saying "I will stop dairy" when you love your yoghurts or your cheese is stupid, there is no healthy reason and the ******* who love propaganda about this are just losing their time and are dangerous.

The same applies to masturbation. The reason is simple : if you enjoy it in your life (moment of stress relief, pleasure, etc...) and if it doesnt harm your health, then you shouldn't stop.

Speaking of which, when I have a huge amount of job I can achieve in a during time (that means no extreme pressure or whatever) with confidence, and focus on it, my skin seems to improve too. Having a new job, new challenges, new points of interest, will relieve your stress too and you will be in better shape to heal.

This is not just a direct link between acne and stress. This is a link between the way your mind can have a direct influence on your general body and health. Be active, focused, anxiety free, and your general health will improve very quickly.

The keys are :

- don't set irrealistic goals (goals are meant to be achieve otherwise you trigger frustration, and frustration triggers a lot of chemicals in your brain that will makes you more sensitive about everything

- try to think about "wellness" before "extreme health". Don't believe the current hype that eating X or Y is bad for you. Believe in yourself and in what you love and is not a direct harm.

- relieve stress. put on some quality relaxing / inspiring music, practice fitness at your pace trying to improve slowly, see and acknowledge the achievements

- know your skin and your reactions to regimens and stick to a regimen that suits you (that may take a while... so be sure to take notes about the effects of active ingredients you noticed, etc...)


You're not free if you have to say it like this. You will be free when you will enjoy your life without needing to masturbate 10 times after a week without


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