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I'v been almost 2 years on retin-a. I have to say that it works but I am not 100% clear. In december, I took 3 weeks off retin-a and i began to get so many pimples. All of the pimples turned into white heads and i had to pop them cause I didnt have the retin-a on me. This showed me that retin-a was actually working to prevent pimples.

When i started using retin-a again, I saw immediate improvements. I didnt have IB just clearing but after a while, it felt like the retin-a was not working effectively. Like I always tend to get a few breakouts every so often.

Even now, there is always like this up day where I'm like "Wow my skin has never looked better" and then the next day (and its always the next day) I get a breakout and get red marks/dark spots that take so long to heal again.

I have come to you guys for advice now cause I dont know what to do. With retin-a do you think il get clear skin, and i mean atleast 90%. Right now I have a few bumps that could possibly grow into worse pimples if the retin-a doesnt help. If I put my skin in the light, you can see small scars (looks like rough skin) and u see the bumps which make my skin look worse. Without light, my skin looks really good.

I am on 0.1% retin-a cream. I am wondering if I should go on a lower dosage gel form. Should I just forget retin-a and go for Accutane?

I also have bacne so accutane will help with clearing my back aswell and i mean if it works , i will be 100% clear right?

what do you think I should do? I have a new doctor and i am thinking of meeting him cause i guess my old doctor was crap (he jumped me from the lowest dosage retin-a gel to highest dosage cream).

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I'd say if you've been on it for two years then you should have a pretty good idea of how it's going to work. Do you think your other acne is hormonal? You could try spironolactone in conjunction with the retin-a. Spiro is supposed to help with hormonal acne. That's what my derm has me on. But I'm not far enough into the regimen to say for sure whether it will work or not...

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