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Acne Scars From Picking!!!

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I have bad scarring, from picking and popping from my teen days.

I recently visited my first dermatologist about a week ago to undergo smoothbeam and v-beam. I'll be having another smoothbeam+v-beam treatment in about 3 weeks. The first treatment, I didn't see much results. The derm also prescribed minocycline antibiotics and duac.

So i guess, what I want to ask is will my regimen help especially the V-beam treatment help remove some of the acne scars that are left on my face from picking and popping? Also about how many treatments does it take to see results from the smoothbeam and v-beam?

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first, familiarize yourself with real scars and 'fake' scars

real scars are depressed, like holes in the skin

'fake' scars are called hyperpigmentation, which is skin discoloration, either redness or dark marks

the smoothbeam is targeted at shrinking oil glands, it is probably one of the weakest lasers for generating collagen (improving real scars), but it should help with acne

the primary use of v beam is for removing redness, again, it is not the best choice for improving real scars, but would help with 'fake scars'

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yea perhaps, im not sure if i have scars or not. my derm says that its mostly acne, but theres a lot ofmulti pigmentation (some red and purpleish blotches), and i think thats from picking a lot when i was a teen.

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Guest Timehealsall
yup, then your derm knows what he's doing

i think i am going to ask my derm about smoothbeam next

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