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Acne F*** Off

No social life, Acne and aspirations for the future.

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Hello fellow Acne.org members,

so I've been lurking around on this forum for a few weeks, particularly this sub-forum, so i wanted to post what my life is like at the moment because of Acne, and I also want to see people's replies/responses to me 'downfall' because of it. :boohoo:

Acne started to appear on my face when I was 13 (Puberty), but I wasn't really taking any notice of it. At this time I was 2 years into secondary school, with my friends all going off meeting new friends in the year group and leaving me on my own and lost because I had no one to talk to, and my acne was starting to affect my confidence.

By Spring 2009 I had whiteheads, pustules and papules on my face (especially my forehead), as well as body acne on my shoulders, my back and my chest, and athe little group of friends I had, had all found other people to hang around with.

Seeing as I am a naturally shy, reserved person, my confidence and self-esteem were already a little bit lower than they should be, and making new friends at school was something I didn't have the courage and confidence for.

I was one of the popular kids in my form, having girls taking an interest in me and talking to me all night on MSN (was 2005-2006), and I had no problems before the acne/puberty started. I was bullied/tormented verbally by other guys in my form for certain things, like because I used to smile a lot and my acne, which also had a big impact on my self-esteem and confidence.

Anyway, 4 years on from the start of the acne and it still exists, and is still having an impact on my confidence, self-esteem and social life. I have become even more shy and secluded, and have become very socially isolated and still unable to make new friends, seeing as I will be starting my second year at College in September.

It is like the acne has changed my personality; Before the acne I was a very energetic, happy person with a positive attitude and I had friends which took an interest in me. Now I am miserable, boring and cynical about most things and I just hate seeing other people my own age, going out and enjoying life, while I'm going to be inside all of the remaning Summer, looking at self-help articles about overcoming shyness and getting rid of acne.

I just want to have my old personality back, as well as my acne-free skin, since the acne has been the biggest impact on me pyschologically and emotionally over the past 5 years, and has stopped me from making new friendships, going out and having a good time, and meeting potential girlfriends.

So I am currently on Doxycycline 100MG, once a day for another 5 weeks (started June 13th), and I haven't had any side-effects whilst being on it.

I am wanting to go on (Ro)Accutane to get rid of the Acne permanently, or at least long enough to get my old personality and life back, as well as meet some new people and improve my current grades on my college course in the second year.

I've read about (Ro)Accutane and the side-effects (dry lips, nausea, depression etc), and I know it is only prescribed to patients suffering from severe cases of acne (Nodules, Acne Rosacea etc), but I don't want to be on medication for several months, even years without it making a difference.

I hate having no social life, and with being 17, I want to have all those things teenagers my age have; A part-time job, clear-like skin, a girlfriend/boyfriend, close group of friends, keeping busy etc.

I don't want acne ruining my life for years to come, as I'd like to enjoy my last 3 years of being a teenager without worrying about acne and having my confidence and self-esteem beaten down even more. :cry:

So is anyone else on here fed up with their life being put on hold by Acne? :ninja:

I believe my life cannot begin to improve until the acne has completely gone, from my face and from the rest of my body.

Long post sorry. :angel: I needed to vent my stress. :rolleyes:

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Nah, well you might be in decent shape. At least you know hormones are most likely the cause of your acne. I got acne in my 20's and I know it's something other than hormones since I was long through the puberty phase. It will probably clear up eventually, you'll probably be alright.

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Yes, one month ago I was clear. And now its ruining my summer! I just odnt want it to continue into my school year. I feel trapped, and I refuse to call any of myfriends up becuase I look like a pizza face.....I want it gone....I want to be clear when Istarte ight grade...I dont want to feel hideous..... :boohoo:

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I know how you feel :( I don't want to go out anymore. I just want to stay home and let my face rest without putting make up on. I don't even want to go to the gym cuz then I'd have to put on make up and if i sweat with make up that's make it worse.

Wanna know the worst part??

My whole life I've wanted to become a news anchor. I was determined and talented too. I started college and that's when I broke up horribly. I couldn't become a news anchor anymore. So I had to change my major... I didn't know what else I wanted to do because this was my one passion and dream and what I was set on. I was lost for a while and still am. My future and dreams are literally being shot because of acne.

I just hope God has better plans for me

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A lot of the time the thing that is between people and "the life they want" or their careers is not so much acne or other skin issues as it is the psychological effects that acne has had on them. I think. I mean there are people... Succesful people out there who have e.g. long scars along their faces. :shrug:

If you can overcome the anxiety and the lowness... Then you don't have to stay in instead of being out, making friends and so forth. But it takes a lot to overcome the, shall we say, internal obstacles. It takes energy, determination and perhaps time... I sincerely hope you all succeed in overcoming your negativity and fears as I think that, like I mentioned before, having skin issues doesn't have to automatically mean a dramatically lower quality of life.

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