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I realise i am partly responsible for your reply. The beginning of my post was pretty unnecessary and, has proven to be the case, just ended up serving as troll bait.

I have no idea why worrying about what humans are meant to eat could be considered "old-fashioned", surely it would be old-fashioned not to worry.

I don't know what you mean by common sense either but it's certainly not the norm or common to eat what humans are meant to eat, is it, when most people have no idea what the "meant" is supposed to be and there is no definitive answer either way anyway, No matter how much you want to believe you somehow know all the answers.

Did i mention or even imply that eating what humans are not meant to eat is somehow logical? It would seem to me that is in fact the worrying that is illogical.

I know i'm being particularly pedantic but i believe in your case it's warranted:

I say: "Personally i wouldn't worry about what WE are meant to eat." with the emphasis on WE and which i expand on in the next sentence.

You say "I would worry about what humans are meant to eat."

And yet in your amazing; The Cure for Acne, you state: "-Don't fear food. Go out & eat."

Is it logical to presume ME therefore WE? Just because something applies to YOU does it apply to EVERYONE? [rhetorical]

If you are clear i really don't see the point of your post or most of your posts on these boards to be honest. I understand that there are some very nice people who have managed to solve their own acne puzzle and out of the kindness of their hearts, and nothing else, are now trying to help other people. But i don't understand the point of endlessly replying to so many posts with the same arrogant, unhelpful tone, stating all these "facts". Especially when there are so many easily influenced, impressionable and most importantly, desperate, young people using this website. Unless you have spent years of research on all the different groups of peoples on this planet and you have somehow managed to do, what so many haven't been able to, and come up with an incontrovertible answer to EVERYONES acne and diet problems, what makes you think you can just keep spouting these "facts" out? Maybe i'm being harsh and you just have some kind of personality issues and you are completely unaware of your actions. Maybe there is some kind of agenda to your posts and they are just part of your plan in starting up or promoting one of these acne cure blog thingies that people like to profit from and are often spammed on here.

Writing isn't my forte as you can probably tell and i really can't be arsed typing like this again, so don't bother replying. I don't really care less what you have to say, if anything, so don't bother. I have made my point.

I don't really know why i bother writing at all on here, it never gets me anywhere, probably a sign of my sanity no doubt [repeating the same things and all that] I really wish i knew a load of acne riddled people so i could discuss things with them rater than wasting my time on here. All i really wanted to know was:

How long did people find they had to stop eating dairy before they cleared?

How do people who react to dairy find butter affects them?

But i realise that hoping for genuine constructive answers was wishful thinking and i'm better off just trawling through google rather than actually trying to communicate with people.

I will leave you with one last thing to consider: What do centenarians and supercentenarians have in common, diet wise?

I refer to the oldest man of all time, Christian Mortensen, 1882-1998, "He always preferred a vegetarian diet".

Research into centenarians : In Okinawa, Japan, studies have shown five factors that have contributed to the large number of centenarians in that region: 1. A diet that is heavy on grains, fish, and vegetables and light on meat, eggs, and dairy products.

How relevant is diet to the "majority" of people who can handle the digestion of supposed evils such as soy, gluten, and dairy without any problems?

Is diet only relevant to those who cannot digest certain food types, which is far from "Everyone" and varies massively across different groups of peoples across the World.

I will not bother anyone on here again.

Have fun.

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Im sure he is.

Even if its true that it may deprive you of vitamins, you can always take supplements!

Anyways Almond Milk has 2x the calcium.....

Milk is definately a bad cause, and thats why I have given it up....Ill work with you and we both can eliminate dairy devils :evil: fromo ur diet.

And hopefully be able to love our skin :wub:

You don't mess with the veterans!

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Guest davidtheskinking

Great information in that video, thanks for sharing!

I cut out regular milk out of my diet myself and it has helped me... Along with most dairy too.

I have dairy much less than I used too.

And if I do have dairy it's free range organic cheese and not the mass processed junk.

Dairy has IGF's in it and this can cause problems in the body that lead to acne breakouts... Also many people (most) have a hard time digesting dairy, our bodies simply weren't meant for it!

Most dairy is junk, but if you do consume it get free range organic dairy.

I drink rice, almond or coconut milk instead! they are all great too!

Thanks for sharing that video too btw! :)


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dont do it, you need the calcium,phosphorus, b12 and tryptophan.

cutting out dairy = biggest single mistake of my life.

find another way my friend.

cut out sugar instead.

You must be trolling?

yea, trolling.

since 2006.

if you would like me to elaborate on why this may have been this biggest mistake of my life, i tell you. i was brainwashed by much of the claims on this website as i didnt have any critical thinking skills at all, and was very trusting, but even more desparate. two years ago i was diagnosed with a bad case of crohns disease, and as far as it is known it is a life long debilitating condition, that is poorly managed by mainstream medicine. so first im concerned about acne and i think thats bad, now with crohns i wish my only challenge was acne. it was not long ago that i was suicidal over acne itself, thinking my life couldnt get any worse. but it got much, much worse.hahahaha. but before i got crohns, i decided that instead of dying, i would instead attempt to live this life like no other man/woman before me, even if that was a foolish thing to say, or an impossible goal, so every challenge that come toward me, i just continue to try to overcome it, no matter how hopeless it seems, or people may try to say it is.my motto has been, nobody knows what i can achieve, and neither do i, so i must try.

to make this a little shorter, and to get back to the topic at hand, im now considering the fact that low tryptophan intake, has much more to do with crohns disease then i would have ever realized. if it is true that melatonin that is produced by intestinal endocrine cells, influences the pancreas to secrete amylase, which digests starches, then the maldigestion of starches could then lead to feeding the bacteroides species of bacteria, which may be implicated in triggering the inflammation known as inflammatory bowel disease, specifically, crohns. but it is not as simple as low tryptophan in the diet, you must also work only the night shift for 3 years, rarely get sun exposure, stop eating grains(fiber), and then, take some antibiotics, and eat too late at night before bed. that will be enough to give you crohns disease. but tryptophan, most definitly needed to make melatonin, and very likely implicated in crohns disease. tryptophan may be able to explain every feature of the disease, bring it into the realm of prime causation. the immune dysregulation, the changes ins bacterial composition of the gut, tryptophan can possibly explain it all, but again it is only a theory that needs to be proven, but the supporting evidence is there, lots of it.

no trolling here, im seriously here to help people.

i do realize dairy influences acnes severity, but you need the stuff thats in there, there are other ways to improve your acne condition. cutting out dairy is only another treatment, not a real solution.

are you thinking that getting rid of dairy may have caused you to get crohnes disease? I find that very Ironic because there has been links to dairy CAUSING crohnes disease. Actually, not dairy itself, but bacteria that is found in dairy since milk is probably the most dirty stuff sitting on the shelves at the grocery store.

here: http://www.notmilk.com/c.html. read that and the first big link on that page.

Seriously, milk is plain gross. There is an actual allowable amount of PUSS(from cysts on cows tits) that is allowed to get in with the milk. plus all the shit piss and other filth that the cows sit in all day. yum yum.

there is also no rational explanation for drinking another animals milk. and there is no rational explanation for drinking milk past adolescence. if anything, shouldnt we be drinking some fine ass soccer moms breast milk instead of disgusting Bovine animals that eat their own shit?

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Kefir cheese is a much better alternative but still not something we should be eating daily.

what's your thoughts/opinion on full fat heavy cream?

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