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I am 17 years old and i have always suffered from acne but only a few spots hear and there. but now since january my skin has become ridicously bad i'd say on a scale of 1-10 my acne would be about a 7 and can be an 8 on some days.

From being 14 years old i used zineryt a lotion from the doctors and then went onto blue light therapy where nothing helped improved my acne. i am now seeing a dermatologist and they say i have a variety of different types of acne not just 1. i've been on some new treatment which involves a morning and night cleanser and day and night serums. which the day one contains b5 and the night serum contains salicylic acid etc. i also use a sun protecter. i have been on this treatment for around 8 weeks and from the start it got riddicously worse and i then went on to have my first peel where i had a little improvement but now my face has not many zits its just red and lumpy it's fucked.

my diet is healthy i am extremly active as i play for everton youth team and reservers although i am very succesful with my football i am still not happy.

i used to smoke/drink on weekends a lot i've now been off all this shit and fast foods ever since i started this treatment. could my acne be getting just due to my body repairing itself?

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Sorry to hear you are suffering... you are not alone mate, I suffered a lot during my teenage years. The good news is that for most it stops after this period... it could be your hormones going all over the place. Found this quick doing a search on-line that talks about teenage acne treatment.


Have you tried any other forms of over the counter treatments?

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Guest davidtheskinking

Drink more water,

Eat more vegetables,

Let your skin breathe and take a break from everything.

A lot of times when people get acne they react with a product, that doesn't work so they add another one... before you know it they are using 5 products!

This rapid changing and continuous use of multiple products will often cause cosmetic acne.

This happens because the products interact with each other and your skin and form more pimples and acne by clogging the pores.

Hope this helps,


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Salicylic acid never worked for me. I tried numerous over the counter products. Finally I went to see a derm. He prescribed me with 10% BP. My face cleared up in a couple days. So I decided to try the Daniel Kern Regimen. I am almost completely clear with no side effects!

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