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Let me tell you how I completely control my acne

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Hello all.

I'll give you a brief history of my acne life and then I'll share my diet which is critical and mention some about candida intestinal yeast and leaky gut syndrome.

I had acne in the form of boils and clusters of them with whiteheads and blackheads since I was in 7th grade. This continued on and off all the way up to my 30's.

As I researched over the years I learned about candida. Candida is a yeast that can turn into a fungus. It can go all over the body but usually starts in the digestive track. there it attaches itself and causes leaky gut. Leaky gut is a porous small intestine issue. When foods and liquids get leaked into the blood through these holes it travels to the body and the body guides them to your skin, and in our case the face.

So the goal is to eat foods that do not feed fungus to make them multiply and to eat foods that cause the least amount of irritation as the food is deposited into your facial skin.

Let me list some foods I avoid like the plague; high fructose corn syrup, sugar, caffeine, any and all alcohol(extremely important), all sugar substitute other than Stevie, heated olive oil(other than coconut oil), all fast food places, commercial breads with HFCS..

if I may comment on the above paragraph some. Alcohol feeds fungus very well and also causes direct leaky gut on your intestinal walls. it is for this very reason imperative to never have it for the rest of your life. I do best without any bread at all. but when i do eat breads I can still control the acne with less effect by eating breads free of any sugar. But bread is not good for you anyways and will hinder your recovery.

I mentioned oils. You need to understand that all oils cannot handle heat. Once you heat olive oil it becomes toxic to us. For me, olive oil needs used very sparsely. For the most part i avoid it all together. but NEVER heat it and eat it. The best oil to eat is coconut oil. Look for virgin coconut oil. WHY? because coconut oil kills yeast and fungus, is great for your health and the best part about it is it's heat stable(you can cook with it) and it will keep it's healthy structure and will never cause acne or heart disease!! You can eat as much as you want and it will not cause acne. COCONUT oil is absorbed through the intestinal wall and sent directly to the liver for energy. Your body doesn't have to work to digest it. This oil is KEY. I repeat it is HEAT stable and therefore is healthy even when heated. Coconut oil is a great find I found in my 30's.

When your leaky gut is bad and you have a candida infection it will seem like nothing you eat helps and everything just causes acne. But once it begins to heal you will then be able to fine tune it and understand what you eat and how it directly causes it.

I would be easy on animal fats. they will cause acne if you get too much in you. Try to eat organic meats. I would avoid fish. It's polluted now days and you can get a food allergy to it.

GRAINS - I like quino. Boil some then add some salt(no table salt) and coconut oil. Really tasty. maybe even have some with my eggs in the morning or some meat for dinner. Polenta - i can eat some of this. i wouldn't go overboard. Potatoes use sparingly also because they convert to sugar quickly and can feed yeast. Brown rise - do not eat a massive amount of rice. Eat it maybe a few times a week if you want.

try to drink the cleanest water you can and only drink water.

I have customized the candida diet to my liking. It takes a year or more to get yourself under control. So don't ruin it by drinking alcohol once a year.

Once your gut begins to heal your face will become less of a toxic dump. The reason is less food is getting into your blood meaning less in your face coming out. As the candida fungus dies away slowly the gut starts to repair itself and the leaky gut leaks less. As it leaks less your acne begins to fade away forever.

this is my take on it all and you are free to do as you please!

Good bye..

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