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Plucking Hair Cause Acne/Scars?

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I am a man, 22, with a lot of facial hair. I always shave with a razor. i have few/moderate stray hair that reach towards my eye area. i tend not to shave above a certain area on my face, to avoid having thick hair growing on my cheeks that reach above my nose to near my eye area.

For the hairs that reach towards my eye are, I just use scissors to trim them. I sometimes I use a tweezers to plug out those hairs.

Will plucking the hairs around my cheeks that reach towards my eyes cause acne or formation of red marks that last a long time? 6 months ago, i threaded the entire area instead of plucking, and ever since then I have noticed a lot acne problems.

how can i get rid of the red marks I have, and should i continue threading/plucking these hairs?

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Shaving doesn't make hair thick/thicker, it simply makes regrowth feel prickly. So you'd not become some weird hair man by shaving higher up.

The first time I plucked my eyebrows, I broke out in the area. Part of the problem was that the tweezers were dirty, but plucking it out of the follicle like that just really irritates my skin. So I have to disinfect the tweezers every time I use it. If you were threading it yourself, you probably caused yourself a lot of irritation.

someone else was threading the hair for me...

My goal is to continue plucking/threading so slowly the hair thins out and stops growing around that area...

i have stopped plucking for the last 6 months, but my acne problems/ scars haven't gone away...

did the acne occur because of threading? should i continue threading in the future or should i stop cause it will cause acne ?

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