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Papules that never flatten out or go away; Cortisone Shot?

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I've had these papules on my chin (fucking FOUR of them) for a LONG, LONG, LONG while now. Their all about half a millimeter in size and they just never go away. I never attempt to pop or pick at them. It's like their STUCK there. Most of them have came to a whitehead, then the whitehead disappeared (after the whitehead disappears, it's SUPPOSED to fucking flatten out), but they stay there. It's so depressing knowing I have to cover my chin up so people don't see them in public. Anyways, this Thursday when I go to the Dermatologist, I'm going to ask him can he give me Cortisone Shots for the papules. My 2 questions are :

1. Do Dermatologists do Cortisone shots? I'm asking do ALL Dermatologists do them.

2. Are Cortisone shots effective? I've read that people get Cortisone Shots for Cysts (which are far worse than Papules) and after the shot, the Cyst completely dissapears in, at the minimum - 6 hrs and at the most - 72 hrs (3 days). Now, I know if people can get their Cysts to subside with a Cortisone Shot, I know my Papules will surely be helped by it.

Thoughts please.

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... Half a millimeter in size? That's not even a size I can visualize.

http://iruler.net/ - You are saying that the space of one millimeter is actually larger than the bumps you have? Since they are so small and there are only 4, I doubt anyone else sees them. I doubt you even see them unless you are sticking your face up against the mirror.

My thoughts is that you are worried about something you shouldn't be worried about. Could be that these are just minor clogged pores, which would be why they are still there.

I'm just scared that there going to be scars. I've read that papules hardly ever scar and that they go away but mine just never go away.

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Like I said, they are likely not papules due to their insanely small size. And why be worried about scarring? If they do cause scars, they'd be too small to see. And if they leave red marks behind, they'd be too small to see.

Well, my Dermatologist told me that they are papules last month. Anyways, back like my question asked : Would a Cortisone shot get rid of them? I'm sure it would, but I'd just like your opinion on it.

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