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Prescription Acne Experience???

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I underwent ProActiv and The Regimen for about a month apiece and they've done nothing much except stopping my acne from worsening. My Acne is moderate, not cystic yet, but my doctor has told me that I have scars that will remain for a year or two.

So naturally I went to my dermatologist recently and he prescribed me a 5% Benzoyl Peroxide Wash (Perrigo), a 1% Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Gel (Greenstone Brand), and Minocycline 50MG Capsules.

I guess right now I'm really skeptical because anything involving Benzoyl Peroxide hasn't done jack taco for me, but I'm hoping this combination of drugs will lessen my acne. I was wondering if you people have ever tried this particular combination of drugs and can offer me what you've experienced? Even if you've only had one of these, letting me know what I'd expect would help me out a lot too. Thanks!

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hello im sorry to say those things PERSONALLY DIDNT WORK FOR ME but everyone had different skin so what didnt work for me might work brilliantly for u mate

if all else fails accutane

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I got tetracycline and then mino when the tetra didn't do anything. The mino worked really good for me. Sometimes I still think mino's the poop (it certainly was in the beginning). Try not to take your mino with food, or even after a meal (follow the directions on the insert for the best results). Anyways, I can't use bp, but I think Dan's leave-on gel would be far more effective than a wash--in my experience, washes are pretty much useless as treatments. But I'm not sure how often you're applying this clinda--whatchamacallit gel (i used this stuff once but I don't remember how it worked). If it's only in the AM then you could probably use a BP gel at night. And if BP doesn't work for you could always try using a BHA or AHA. Neutrogena's Oil free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Treatment is a good choice for a BHA gel (find it at Target). But I dunno, you might want to follow what your dr prescribes for at least a full month to see if that works first.

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