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why do we go through a purging initial breakout?

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i am starting my 5 week on the regimen and i had mild-moderate acne just lots of small little bumps on my cheeks and a few pimples when i would break out...

1st week: things cleared up and it was going great

2nd week: same

3rd week: started breaking out really bad

4th week: still breaking out not as bad

5th week: still breaking out...

Uhm this purging is pretty crazy i'm getting cysts, nodules, and bumps on the sides of my cheeks primarily but my forehead is pretty clear now. the sides of my cheeks are breaking out like i've never seen. my question is why do we purge when bp is supposed to oxidize and prevent all of this? is it just surface bacteria needing to come out or what?

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hellooooo well you see mate when u use this regimin or something like accutane or what have u ur skin gets the dreaded initial breakout because your skin is pushing out all the yuck from deep within your pores causing you to break out, its getting impurities out of your ppores so there u have it=]

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it wi;ll be just stick with it!

u can get thru it and soon be left with clear skin

but remember when using benzoyl peroxide wear sunscreen!=]]

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oh i know my nose got burned 2 weeks ago ! haha but what if i didn't and i don't get burned and just tan is it still bad?

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