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oral supplements for acne

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list all oral supplements that are supposed to improve your skin, like zinc, fish oil, acv, b5, acidophilus (not drugs like accutane). i'm going to start taking all of them ray kurzweil style to see if it does anything.

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It's probably a better idea to start a few at a time, because even if it does work, you'll be taking tons of extra supplements and there will be no way to figure out which is actually helping...

- Vitamin A

- Vitamin B5

- Niacin (nicotinic acid/niacinamide/B3)

- Vitamin C

- Vitamin D

- Vitamin E

- Calcium

- Zinc

- Selenium

- Chromium

- Magnesium

- Lycopene

- Cinnamon

- Turmeric

- Milk Thistle

- Fish Oil

- L-Lysine

- Probiotics

In my opinion, you should start off with a multivitamin, probiotics, and niacin (and a calcium supplement if you don't drink milk). If you can get a prescription, you could take nicomide, which has niacin, zinc, and copper, or you could take a stress-b complex which has lower doses of b-vitamins with zinc and copper, and supplement that with a niacin pill.

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bump. i'm specifically looking for supplements that you don't normally find in food.

i have a good diet so don't think i need vitamin a, b, c, d, e...

the only supplement i've taken for acne was 50mg zinc daily in the past for at least a year. it might work but might be placebo. but i've started taking it again, as well as fish oil.


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