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I know scarring is unlikely to respond to anything topical but i was reading about this hyaluronic serum made by swisscode, this is what it says on their website:

Hyaluron is a substance produced naturally in every cell of the body and our serums moisture-binding properties have a firming effect on the connective tissue that helps to retain moisture in the skin and forms structures capable of binding up to 99% of water. Our crystal clear, oil free serum contains an extraordinarily high percentage of molecular and it is that which makes it a superior active leaving skin looking fresher and wrinkles visibly reduced.

Our moisture magnet is like botox in a bottle and will leave your face looking fresh and youthful rather than shocked and shattered.

The perfect moisturiser

For a younger looking, radiant skin

Visible wrinkle reduction

Natural Botox alternative

Increases the intake of vitamin C

Suitable for all skin types

The effectiveness of this product was tested on users. Moisture increased by 21% in just 2 hours.

Does anyone know anything about this?

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I LOVE Hyaluronic Acid/Sodium Hyaluronate. I've read some studies in how it helped wounds heal faster when topically applied. It goes great with a moisturizer, you need one or a carrier oil to help vehicle it deeper into the skin. I always prep my face pre toner with it, and then again with my moisturizer, and flakiness has never been a problem ever again (other than when I deliberately try to get my skin to peel in new/healing PIH with sulfur). No irritation for me, but I haven't seen that many other people here use it, none at all actually.

Also, it works great as a leave in conditioner or deep conditioning treatment!

Now in regards to scarring, I can't say it's helped on it's own, but I do use it in combination to dermarolling, and I've had no scars occur since using it, and my pimples & pih/pie do heal faster.

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