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My Botchla Regimen Photo Log

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So, I've finally decided I'm going to try out Botchla's regimen, using a combo of Salicylic acid and BP in the form of cleansers. Numerous people seem to have had very good experiences with this regimen, and since I have used C&C Continuous Control before with some success, and I've never really used Salicylic acid before, I figured it's worth a try! I'm going out to buy both cleansers today, and will be keeping a (mostly) daily photo log to document my experiences. I will also be trying my absolute best not to pick anything, because this also causes me major troubles.

I'll be using the C&C Blackhead Scrub (Salicylic acid) in the AM, and the C&C Continuous Control (BP) in the PM, probably followed again my the Blackhead Scrub, since this is what Botchla recommends. My skin is pretty tough, and I've abused it plenty with BP in the past, so I'm sure it can handle it! Here goes nothing!

Before starting the regimen: My acne is mild but VERY persistent, and I have quite a bit of hyperpigmentation. I hope the SA in the Blackhead Scrub as well as scrubbing beads will help exfoliate and in turn improve this.

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Yay!! Got my products today! :dance:

So I did the routine for the first time tonight, washed with the C&C BCS for about 30-40, left it on for a minute or so to let the SA do it's job, rinsed, and then washed with the C&C CC for another 30 seconds or so, left it on for about a minute, and rinsed.

Afterwards my skin looked and felt SO clean, and although my pores looked tighter, my skin doesn't feel dry at all. So far, so good!

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Day 2

So I washed with the SA scrub this morning as planned, for about 30 or 40 seconds, and my skin feels really soft and smooth! No new breakouts really, and obviously not any real improvement yet, but I think I have high hopes for this regimen. My skin does seem to have a slight "glow" to it that wasn't there before. I like how it feels clean but not tight and dry. At the moment I mainly have quite a broken out forehead, with little pimples, which doesn't happen often, but I think this is because I was trying to use an "all natural" = which does nothing cleanser for the past two weeks or so. It looks congested more than anything else, but I'm going to do my best NOT to pick at all, just let the C&C cleansers do their job. Skin picking is a huge problem for me.. :naughty:

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Day 3

So... things are looking interesting this morning...

I did the routine again last night, and this morning, though this morning I did the Continuous Control cleanser after the Blackhead Scrub as well, for no particular reason... just felt like my skin needed an extra boost.. I'll go back to washing with just the scrub in the AM tomorrow.

My skin is actually looking better today in some ways, but a little worse in others, but that's my own fault.

One new spot popped up on my right cheek yesterday, which I picked, and now its a flat red dot, and my forehead is a little bit more broken out I think, but they're very tiny. I picked a little bit on my forehead, so it's red.. (must stop doing that!!), but at least I didn't make too much of a mess of it. I stopped. Both my cheeks are looking better overall - a little more even toned and they look healthier. No new breakouts otherwise, and nothing really active except my forehead. The SA and beads in the scrub may actually be helping red marks a little... My skin feels so clean and soft and smooth though, that's the best part! haha.. :dance:

Here are the pics:

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So I'm adding just one new little product to my regimen...

Clearasil Pimple and Mark Lotion

I spotted it by accident today when I was at the supermarket, and couldn't help but be curious. It says it helps speed up the cycle of pimples, and the red marks they leave behind (I have lots of red marks, that's for sure). It contains salicylic acid, lactic acid, and a few good natural ingredients like licorice extract and chamomile extract. It says to apply morning and evening to affected areas so after doing my botchla regimen, I'll apply a bit of this in the AM and PM, and hopefully it'll help fade my red marks! I won't be using this long term as part of my regimen, just until the red marks are gone. I'll use up the tube which is quite small really, and if there's no significant improvement I won't buy again.

I'm SO bad with changing around products.. so I REALLY have to stick to this regimen and let it work. I was so tempted today to buy a Clearasil cleanser to go with this mark lotion, but stopped myself, thinking, "good grief, you've only been using this regimen 3 BLOODY DAYS and you're already wanting to change??" Yup, that's me... I never give anything a chance to work =/

I picked a tiny bit today, but nothing terrible.. i must keep my hands off!

Off to go do botchla now!

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Day 4

Damn damn damn! MUST... STOP... PICKING!!

I had a little breakout on my chin from eating chocolate (I knew I shouldn't have), but they were only 4-5 seriously tiny little pimples on my chin, which were hardly even visible. But could I leave them alone? NOPE.. Now they're horrible red marks.. Ah well, what can you do but move on.. I applied some of that Clearasil pimples and marks lotion on them and on my forehead which I also picked, after doing my botchla regimen this morning, so hopefully that'll take some of the redness away..

I've decided on doing both the BP cleanser and the SA scrub in the AM and PM until I've cleared up, and then cutting down to just the SA scrub in the morning, not both. Hopefully that works. Lots of people seem to have success doing it this way.

Except for the places where I've picked :doh: it looks a bit better, I think.. My cheeks are looking more even toned, and are really soft and smooth. Overall my forehead actually looks better too, except for the red marks from where I screwed up. At least everything is flat, lol.. :clap:

Here are today's pics: They look worse than Day 1's cos of the damn picking.. great isn't it.. Doesn't exactly look like improvement.

From today onwards, I will NOT PICK. I have to let the cleansers do their job. I just make their job so much harder if I keep messing with my skin and irritating it. Botchla also mentioned in his original thread that picking is a big no no on this regimen.

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Day 7

I skipped a few days of posting in this log, but nothing incredibly significant has happened the past few days anyway.

I've gotten one or two pretty much invisible spots here and there, which are on their way gone now anyway, and the past blemishes from the past week are healing up, and red marks are definitely getting lighter! I'm liking this regimen!

I've also been eating really badly, so I'm surprised I haven't really broken out. I'm going to stick to it and hopefully within a few weeks I'll be completely clear.

The clearasil pimple and mark lotion actually works to some extent (I was a bit skeptical). It doesn't really do much to old red marks I find, but it does reduce the redness on new ones by a great deal, which is helpful. It does this within minutes too!

Here are today's pictures:

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