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Men taking Spiro

It's been a while now, and I've not read any new posts about men and spironolactone. I'm a male, and have been taking it for about two years now, and have been wondering if anyone else has had the same experiences as me.

I know there has been some issues about using it for acne in men. Sone uneducated people will say men cannot use it, when in fact it is used often by men for blood pressure and as a diuretic. And there has been discussion as to how it works (DHT blocker or T. preventer, etc), but I don't care about any of that, just that it stops acne.

Are there any men here who have been on it for a while now and who want to comment? How about some of you women (this site is mostly women, I think) who are married or have boy friends who have been on spiro.



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Hi! So glad to see such a recent post on this topic. Disappointed I'm the first to comment though! Anyway, my sex is male (gender...not) and I started 100 mg of spiro a week ago. So far my skin has remained constant except for a small cyst on my jawline. I haven't even noticed the diuretic effect. I'm hoping this small cyst isn't a warning sign of an initial breakout to come...do genetic males get initial breakouts?

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