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White/Pink mark

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Hi, i'm a naturally tan guy with lots of cool scars and whatnot, but there is one that is bothering me that happened just recently.

What happened- i pushed too hard trying to get a little milia thing out of my forehead and it soon became a scab. During the while i was trying to take care of it by putting coco butter/honey on it and had been swimming in a saltwater pool to stay out of the heat. i tried staying out of the sun/using sunscreen but there were days i did get a very small bit of unprotected sunlight. The day i peeled it off(too early),.it bled a tiny bit, but never rescabbed.

ever since, it has been healing... but the past 2 weeks it just seems like it has come to a halt...i started putting bio-oil on it and that was a joke. made me break out...the mark is completely flat and i wouldn't consider it a scar if it weren't completely different than the rest of my skin tone.

where it is right now--pink/white with dark ring around it. the scab came off a month ago and i have deligently put on sunscreen since it has completely healed.

Did i lose pigmentation there? When i pull the skin tight it is just completely white. I was hoping that the dark ring around it would just continue getting smaller.

Should I wait? Should I try needling? Should I try darkening it with the sun?

I think that white skin is usually contributed to deep cuts + sun exposure. But i don't feel i did anything to deserve the mark :( hopefuly my body will take charge

screenshot20110702at121.png photo doesn't do it justice, sorry :/

thankyou for your help + advice :)


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no responses.......Yahoo Answers had 5. That's quite sad to see.

BUT- I share with you this information as I hope any other person dealing with white skin can learn.

WebMD- "Pigmentation loss as a result of skin damage: If you've had a skin infection, blisters, burns, or other trauma to your skin, you may have a loss of pigmentation in the affected area. The good news with this type of pigment loss is that it's frequently not permanent, but it may take a long time to repigment. Cosmetics can be used to cover the area, while the body regenerates the pigment."

I'm very disappointed that no one would dissuade me from needling my skin after a month. I threw that on here just to see what anyone would say, there was no way i'd actually do it...it obviously needs to be done after a year atleast

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