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Why are we prone to acne and others aren't?

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It's not fair that some people get to eat shit on a regular basis and they have perfect skin but if acne prone people (assuming diet effects their acne) even slip up ONCE with their diet, their skin is hell the next day (or in my case, within 20 minutes, if I eat dairy.)

So my question is very simple, and surely it's been asked before: Why are we PRONE to acne? Is it all genetics? Can it be reversed?

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^ That's not acne then. That's an allergic reaction. Acne does not in any way surface within minutes of eating something.

So.. I'd say you are prone to hives or some other skin issue that resembles acne when eating what you are allergic to (ie dairy).

Yes, it's an allergic reaction because I am lactose intolerant, but it IS acne. I break out in cysts within minutes of eating it, not some rash or whatever you're thinking of.

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Well, I think the inflammation caused by inflammatory foods or high GL meals might turn some clogged pore into an inflamed pimple and that might appear quickly, but yes, i think if a food breaks you out by the next day, it's likely an allergic reaction and not really acne.

And yes, it's genetics plus what you do to yourself/environment. Just like with most other health conditions.

We've come across many ways we might be genetically prone to acne.

The tendency towards hyperkeratinization is genetically influenced and they've even identified the gene.

Some people have a genotype/phenotype more prone to insulin resistance which is actually an adaptation that helps people survive famine but causes problems in this land of way too much. That doesn't necessarily lead to acne, but it doesn't help.

Some people have more of the enzymes that convert androgens to DHT than others, but that's more about oily skin (and male pattern baldness) and doesn't necessarily lead to acne. But it doesn't help.

And since body fat is a major part of the endocrine system and lean muscle helps with insulin sensitivity, one's body type might also be a factor in hormone imbalances.

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So in your case, don't eat dairy because you are allergic to it. Seems like the problem is solved there.

Well, yes. Same with me and citrus which causes cysts the next day. At least our allergic responses don't have a potential to kill us.

However, I think it's only not acne in that it doesn't start with a clogged pore deep below the surface weeks earlier. It's still a cyst or nodule. Or at least close enough that it fooled the 4-5 dermatologists I went to.

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