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T zone papules..cant get rid of them

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Hey, this is my first time on this site and im hoping for some miracles..

I have very mild acne, but i often get this one giant papule ( i think) somewhere in the T zone....right now i have one smack in the middle of my forehead (see picture below). and its nice and red.

So heres my 2 questions:

1) what would you recommend is the best way to diminish the redness and duration of the papule

2) best preventative treatment

My current regimen is as follows:

Nightly 'cleanse' with Oxy pads (Sailcylic acid 2%) and wash with neutrogena skin clearing face wash (salicyclic acid and menthol) probably around every second morning...i know i should be more consistent with washing but should i switch face washes? i also use spectro gel every now and then (i think its a lot milder)

When i feel a pimple coming i use a combination of creams in an effort to find something that works. i have RetinA (tretinoin), Clindoxy Gel (Clindamycin and BP), Stievamycin (tretinoin and erythromycin), FucidinH cream (Fusidic acid and hydrocortisone), Prevex HC (hydrocortisone), polysporin, and vitaminE. I know this list seems a little ridiculous but i do not use all of these regularly. Id say my 'usual' regimen for a pimple would be Clindoxyl gel in the morning and a combo of RetinA/Fucidin/Polysporin/VitE at night (should these not be used at once?). I also recently started icing and using ibuprofen..i think it helps

Honestly any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, tell me what im doing wrong, what im doing right...its my summer vacation and i hate feeling limited in what activities i do because of the giant dot in the middle of my head!



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It looks pretty isolated- your forehead, at least, looks pretty clear. I would apply some benzoyl peroxide to it a couple of times a day. That should clear it up.

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