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Any mild red mark treatments while on accutane?

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I am now 2 months into my 2nd course of accutane and was wondering if there is anything that I could safely use while I am going through my course. I have like 3 active spots but my face is covered in red marks (like about 100 in total rough guess) and this gives me a really uneven skin tone.

Another thing, almost everywhere on the internet people quote 6 months for getting scar treatment, but I have read in a book that was written by a very reputable dermatologist that you should leave atleast 2months. So what I was wondering was that has anyone here had scar/red mark treatment less than 6months after accutane?

The way I see it that its 6months for laser which is what my derm quoted. But say I am trying something less aggresive like some mild peels would that mean it was less likely to cause any issues?

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