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Hey, cutting to the chase, i've had acne forever. Mostly mild, but now it's pretty bad.

On my forehead and scalp, i get big, hard lumps that take around.. 2 months to go away!!

Where my hair sits on my face i get ALOT OF WHITEHEADS, i wash my hair everyday with a tea tree shampoo.

I've tried it all. Aleo, BP, everything :/

My current regemen is:


Sensative face wash

Lemon juice

Salactic acid 2% face pads


A skin clearing moistorisor


Sensative face wash

Face mask with baking soda and water (only tried last night.)

Lemon juice

Salactic acid 2% face pads


A skin clearing moistorisor.

This really isnt working, i've been at this regemen for a week with NO IMPROVEMENT WHATSOEVER, IN FACT A INCREASED AMOUNT OF WHITEHEADS.

i'm thinking of ditching all of that and just soaking my face in walm water for 1 1/2 mins morning and night.

Taking multivitamin with cod liver oil + vitamin c

I've cut alot of sat fat from diet, eating as much fruit and veg as i can find, wholegrain, more fish, more water AND green tea. What foods would you say i should not eat to clear my skin up?

Please, help, it's making me so depressed :/

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