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Spiro has NEVER helped

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I have been on spiro for over a year and it has not helped. In fact I'm experiencing welt like bumps again on my jawline and upper neck. This has been a problem for a long time and for two weeks the disapeared but in the last week have made there appearance know again. I have had more blood work than I can count and everything is normal. I have kept a food diary for a year and cannot find any rhyme or reason for them. Some days I get a small one and like today woke to three on my jaw. They are very red, slightly itch (not too much) and are only slightly raised. I have been food tested and like I said everything checked out okay so I dont know what it is..My ob wants to try Orhto TriCyclen for a bit and combined with spiro maybe it will help...I need feeback on this as I'm 44 and dont know what to expect with this..She had me on bioidentical hormones for the last two months and I couldnt tell if the hives/welts got worse on this or better. Like I said nothing for two weeks and then I started taking doxy again and they started...I thought it was the doxy as it was the only constant for the last two years..Ive experienced a rash and burinng and itching on my hands in the past just walking out into the sun. Anyway, I stopped the doxy last tuesday and could it be possible that the hives are still coming out from this? Sorry this is a combined post of several topics but my brain is in overdrive and I couldnt control the typing...

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Im guessing I have to up it as i've been on this dose for a while and have steadily been getting worse. I'm increasing slowly. By that I mean I'm splitting my 25mg dose in half and taking half in the mornings so Im only increasing it by 12.5mg a day...I hope things dont get worse..

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