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My water-only skincare experience, almost completely clear of acne.

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Welcome, whoever you are! Please read the following paragraph prior to reading the log. My name is Ashley. I joined this website in 2010 when my acne was at its worst, and this place has helped me through some hard times. Sadly, the website and a good chunk of its members have actually harmed me more psychologically, emotionally, and phsyically than they've helped! There are various members (including mods) who make this website hostile, elitist, aggressive, overly emotional, and sometimes will appear to be bullying other members. It's quite honestly an extremely unwelcoming place. In light of this, I've decided to leave the Org. All of my posts outside of this log have been edited out. I will be sure to maintain some activity here by posting periodically, and do plan to post an update in a few months from now. Feel free to send me an email if you would like to contact me personally! (the link is now only visible from my profile - the mod-patrol has deemed it inappropriate to post it in my sig, which begs the question, why have an option to add email links to your signature if it violates the rules?)

I really do wish the best for those who have supported me and for those attempting this routine, you've all been wonderful! Feel free to continue to post your own experiences and thoughts in here as well. Hopefully everyone understands my decision. I've met some great people here, but it's definitely time that I move on. *Moderator edit, URL removed / No soliciting - read the board rules*

Best wishes to you all!

- - - - -

Condition of my Skin

This is the primary condition of my skin at around the 6 week mark, as of July 21st, 2011.

The Good:

  • marks have faded quite a bit.
  • minimal dehydration, no real flaking issues (possibly only after showers and only on a few areas of my cheeks)
  • oiliness is mostly a non-issue.
  • enlarged pores on forehead are less noticeable.
  • skin feels more comfortable post-shower.
The Bad:
  • I'm still unhappy with my red marks.
  • possibly ice picks or scarred pores on inner cheeks, possible rolling scars (shallow and only a few) on cheeks.
  • minor annoying clogged pores.
Skin Updates

July 4th, 2011: The tightness that I've experienced seems to be getting less, and I'm also less oily this morning; a subtle glow, most noticeable on the forehead, but that does not really cause any oil to transfer to my hands. The red marks are slowly getting better, and I'm even able to look at myself in the mirror with my glasses on in some rooms without cringing. Currently only 2 noticeable pimples, and once they go away I will likely feel a lot better about my red marks. My uneven texture seems to be most noticeable after showers, and isn't too noticeable in the morning.

July 6th, 2011: Things are still improving, although I'm getting some very minor flaking on a few select areas of my cheeks. The flakes only appear over areas where I still have red marks, so I think that this shedding/flaking is occurring in order for these areas to properly heal. They are areas that are slightly indented as well, so the shedding might be occurring so that new skin can keep growing back in. Either way, it's barely noticeable even directly after showers, so not a concern. Still purging a bit in terms of getting minor clogs. All remaining pimples are small now; the one on my chin has a small head, so it should be gone soon. Still have some redness on my face, but nothing serious. If I look past the red marks, I can see that my tone is quite even now, other than my own natural flushing. But overall, looking healthy if I look past the marks and minor fleshy bumps and indents. Minor bumpiness on my inner right cheek from scratching at the skin with the intent on scratching out clogs and such. Oops. Nothing serious.

July 8th, 2011: Things look about the same, red marks keep getting better, still have indents from picking, still have a few old pimples healing. But wanted to mention that after going to the gym and touching my face lots, I got a few little clogs; left alone, the ones that surfaced yesterday are gone today. I got no new pimples from it! And I haven't gotten any new pimples in at least a week, probably longer. I think the ones I do have are taking long to heal because I keep touching them. The one on my jaw is almost gone despite being my newest one, and I have barely touched it because it's not easily visible. I also barely feel any tightness on my skin. Sweating might be why, but it's a nice change.

July 17th, 2011: Improvement is slow, and it's starting to make me a bit frustrated. Other than that, I've wound up irritating my skin tonight by rubbing the flakes off after my shower. This made my red marks and indents/scars more noticeable, but I'm hoping that it's temporary and that my minor inflamed areas don't get worse. I've got a few small pimples, some of which are quite painful. I dunno. I'm just annoyed and am unable to stop examining my skin. So I'll be cutting out mirror time, only looking in it if it's necessary. Hopefully my skin looks better in terms of the marks and scars in a month from now. The breakouts themselves really aren't bad now, the minor clogs and acne aftermath are. But that's about it for updates.

July 20th, 2011: This will be my last update here as a regular member. I've got 3 little pimples near my earlobe, which came up last week after going to the gym and touching that area a lot due to sweating (trying to make the sweat not get into my ear as I was listening to music). Those are healing and not a big concern of mine. The rest of the pimples I had are mostly gone, but I do seem to be purging a bit in the form of whiteheads atm. Not sure why, but meh. Got a bit of flaking still on my cheeks, which I don't love, but it's not a huge deal. Red marks keep fading, slowly. And I'm noticing that my indents aren't that noticeable unless I'm really close and looking for them, and at certain angles with lighting you can see them. Been a bit oilier lately. Still trying to make sure to not look in mirrors when it's not needed, and keeping myself away from small compacts. That's about it! I hope that by this time next month I like what I see in the mirror, and hopefully in the fall I can come back, share my results, perhaps post some pictures. I'm thinking I'll eventually record a video to go along with this log that summarizes the things I've said here, but that likely won't be until my red marks fade quite a bit.

My Story At The Org

I first had issues with mild to moderate acne when I was 14 after my first eyebrow-tweezing session. Eventually, I found a routine that kept me mostly clear. In early 2010, I changed that routine, and my skin slowly got worse. By the summer of 2010, I had a bad flare-up on my chin and cheeks. I picked, I made it worse. I then stumbled across this website and onto some threads about Caveman and water-only regimens. I gave both a shot, actually going back to both methods numerous times over the course of the last year. In between, I'd use DIY cleansing methods, all of which made things worse. Never having stuck to any of these routines for longer than 2-3 weeks, in May of 2011 I decided to go back to water-only after a 3-week Caveman stint. And I'm very glad that I did, as once I pushed myself past the 3rd week, I started to see results.

My Skincare Routine

While being the simplest routine possible, this is also the most difficult routine I've ever attempted. Most will agree that ditching all products is essential for this to work, but one must still tailor the routine to work for one's skin and lifestyle. Some of the variables to figure out with this routine are:

  • Water temperature
  • How frequently to wash on a daily or weekly basis
  • Where to wash: the sink or shower
  • Whether to use tools such as washcloths while washing
The best method for me was to simply let the shower water wash my face without handling the skin or using any tools. I do not look at washing my face as something to be done at specific times or in a special manner.

What Can Be Expected With This Routine

Physically, you should expect to experience some or all of these transitional phases (in no particular order):

  • Flaking, peeling, and overall dry/tight skin.
  • Possible itching (mostly if you've just come off of skincare products)
  • Possible irritation, perhaps even a mild temporary rash.
  • Slight increase in the feel of oiliness on your face.
  • Eventually, a notable decrease in oiliness.
  • Dead skin build up (likely to only occur if you've been exfoliating on a regular basis prior to starting this regimen)
  • Breakouts - this does not prevent them, so any that your skin wants to form will form.
  • Possible faster healing, and very likely smaller breakouts.
  • Possible clogs, mostly in the form of whiteheads here and there.
These usually last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, but most will state that by the end of the 2nd month, the skin has made a complete turn-around. As long as you just leave your face alone, and don't attempt to speed up the process of these phases, your skin should get better by the 1st or 2nd month.

My Results!

I weaned my skin off of cleansing (includes DIY methods) and moisturizing starting from about January 2011. I also weaned myself off of exfoliating around the same time. So these two factors may have contributed to some of my results, but I do believe that if you leave your skin alone and don't prod at it, you can also get some pretty good results early in.

BEFORE: I had typical combination-oily skin: shiny/greasy t-zone and inner cheeks, with more normal outer cheeks. I also had noticeable dehydration and tightness, my skin was quite thin, and I had terrible sebaceous filaments (the brown dots) on my nose and chin. From July 2010 to now (one year later), I've experienced various types of skin issues. At the worst, I'd have upwards of 30 pustules and papules on each cheek, a few on my chin, and some everywhere else. I also had mild to moderate body acne. For a few months, I had moderate clogged pores on my cheeks and forehead, which resembled large beads coming out of my pores; this was possibly the worst addition to my skin issues. I also had bad flaking and peeling this whole year, as well as horrible red marks due to picking.

AFTER:Once I stopped picking, my neck (which had never broken out until I decided to try washing it in 2010) acne cleared up within 3 weeks, and the red marks almost as fast. My chest and back acne are almost gone and the red marks are fading. My facial acne is mostly gone with the exception of a few minor pimples from time to time, and all I have left to deal with now are red marks and possible scars.

Skincare Tips and Tricks

These are some things that I've picked up along the way, and I'd say that they are beneficial regardless of the routine you are on.

  • Don't pick, ever. This includes scratching over bumps/clogs with naughty intentions.
  • Get outside! You don't need to be around people, but try to leave the house. Go for walks, eat lunch outside.
  • Try not to close yourself off from the world. Keep in touch with people you feel comfortable around, and be sure to make plans with them. If you don't want to leave the house, then invite them over.
  • Patience and persistence are key. You need to give any method/routine at least 2-3 months of solid trial before giving up on them.
  • Switching between routines on a regular basis will likely make matters worse.
  • Don't continuously introduce new/different things into your routine.
  • Keep your mind and hands busy. Do things you love, be healthy and happy.
  • If you don't like what you see, then stop looking. Obsessing over your reflection will not make the acne, marks, or scars go away any faster! Give yourself a week's break from the mirror every now and then.
  • Try not to be too obsessive about anything in your lifestyle and habits. Being healthy and consistent with things is ideal, but it's not going to help if you nit-pick every little detail.
  • Don't post in the Holistic/Nutrition section of this forum (the logs one is fine). A huge chunk of people there are elitist, douchebags, and will only accept your ideas if they are identical to theirs. So if you are an extremist when it comes to diet and you think that absolutely everything can break you out, even something as simple as tap water, then by all means post there!
  • If you begin seeing progress with your skin, leave these forums and never return unless it is to share how you cleared your skin up.
Q&A and FAQ

Q: How long does it take for this regimen to work?

A: From other logs I've found and posts I've found online, the average time-frame is about 2 months. This is simply for seeing a change in acne, and mostly depends on the consistency of your approach. The more consistent you are, the better your skin will adjust. But to see total changes in the skin, I'd say anywhere from 4 months to a year. I'll be sure to update this once I see those total changes to share how long the process took.

Q: How often should I wash/rinse my face in a day?

A: It would be best to start off with once a day, and simply when you shower. If you shower less often, then only wash when you shower. This allows you the best chance of not thinking so much about your skin and can help reduce any dehydration in the skin that will likely occur.

Q: Is it okay if I wear makeup? If so, how would I remove it?

A: It mostly depends on the makeup itself. Some rinse away pretty easily in water. The best types would be sheer, lightweight liquids or loose powder foundations. Either remove it in the shower by letting water thoroughly rinse your face or use a washcloth. The latter can be done by wiping the makeup off or using it to "melt" the makeup by steaming before a shower.

Q: Have you made any other changes in your lifestyle to help with your skin?

A: No. The only things I do are exercise and take Metamucil, neither for acne purposes. I also don't eat gluten, eggs, or cheddar cheese, also not for acne purposes. I tried other internally-driven holistic changes, and I just found them to be too stressful and made matters worse. I only advocate changes like that if you've spoken to a doctor and are doing it for overall health reasons.

Q: What should I do for spot treating?

A: Nothing, at least not for the first few months. You want to see how your skin adjusts without any assistance.

Q: I've been using topicals for a while now; how should I approach starting the water-only regimen?

A: A lot of people will just quit cold-turkey, but that can lead to withdrawal and purging breakouts. If you would rather wean yourself off of products, I'd say go about it in a few months, slowly using less and less of everything.

Q: Will the dead skin/flakes break me out/How can I remove the dead skin?

A: It's unlikely that it will cause any serious breakouts. At most, it might contribute to clogs, but the clogs themselves should slough away once the dead skin sloughs away. And if after 2-3 months you still have the dead skin and flakes, try rubbing the skin after a nice warm shower with your clean hands.

Q: My face is really tight/dry/flaky. Is this normal? Should I moisturize?

A: This is normal, and no, don't moisturize. Wait the 2-3 months and then decide if the skin is still too uncomfortable and needs lotion.

Q: My skin is quite oily. How will water-only work for me and remove the oil?

A: From what I've read, water removes about 60% of the debris and build up on the skin. Over time, build up should lessen, and oiliness should as well. At first you might not feel "clean," but just stick it out for a while and see how that feeling changes. You can always blot if needed.

Q: What are your showering/bathing habits like in regards to your face?

A: I simply stand in the shower and let the water do its thing. I usually like to put my face right up under the showerhead for a while, no touching of my face other than around the eyes if needed. When drying off, I use a new towel each shower; you could just use a new face cloth every day instead of a new large towel.

Q: I work out and work up quite a sweat. How will using just water work for making sure my face is really clean? And how should I tailor my routine around exercise?

A: I work out and get very sweaty! The best thing I've found is to bring a clean, soft towel with me every time and pat the sweat every 5-10 minutes, and then shower when I get home (does not have to be immediately after getting home). Sweat is pretty much salty water, which comes off with water. I've even found that sweating helps to dissolve excess sebum. If you wear makeup while wanting to try this, I'd recommend rinsing it off before working out, then shower again when you are done. You don't even need to rinse off right after working out; if you work out at lunch and don't want to shower, you can just pat the sweat away and splash once if absolutely necessary, and then shower when you get home.

Q: What the HELL is with this insane itching?!

A: I'm really not sure why, but for some reason the skin sure likes to get super itchy when you first attempt this type of a routine. My assumption is that it has to do with no longer using cleansers. The longer I went without cleansers, the less itching I'd feel when I'd try the water-only routine again. This last time, I had no itching at all. The itching may also have to do with the skin being somewhat dehydrated as you are not supplementing the skin's moisture/water levels. It can be a pain to deal with, sometimes literally! The best thing I found was to stretch the skin out if the itching was really bad, and just try to not think about it.

Q: How do you avoid shampoo/conditioner from getting on your face?

A: I don't use any :) I use conditioner on my ends sometimes, but it's not essential. But when I did use it, I'd just lean my head back to rinse my hair out. Some will lean over.

Q: What kind of things can be done/used for scars and red marks?

A: If you are wanting to stay true to the water-only name, then nothing really. Other than perhaps exfoliating with a washcloth, you will just need to wait. For scarring, if it's serious enough to bother you it would be best to talk to a doctor/derm. I find that exfoliating makes my red marks look worse, so I definitely advocate just leaving it alone!

Q: How should I be shaving when on this routine?

A: Obviously not a guy, but from what I've read it works to use an electric razor or trimmer works. Otherwise, you can try continuing the use of your normal shaving routine if it doesn't seem to bother your skin.

Q: I am finding this routine to be emotionally difficult to maintain, and I keep wanting to quit. What are your tips?

A: This is a very difficult routine to stick to. It took me one year to finally stick to it. The first three weeks are the hardest, so as long as you can push yourself to 3 weeks, you should be okay. Things that helped me were to watch TV shows I love, occupy myself with hobbies that require the use of my hands, and even just sitting around with my family. Not isolating yourself is essential, even if you hate how you look. Find something in your life that you are passionate about and that fills your heart and mind with peace, love, and joy. This can be anything from friends and family, music (my personal favourite passion), films/television (my 2nd favourite passion), spirituality/religion, exercise, anything. Keep your mind and soul hopeful and optimistic. I know that whenever I start feeling down about things, listening to a few select artists brings me tremendous warmth and hope. Two artists I definitely recommend: Sleeping at Last and Daniela Andrade.

Q: What kind of acne does this work best for, and how would this even help?

A: It appears that this method works best for mild to moderate cases of acne. However, I had moderate to severe acne when using DIY cleansing methods, and was able to lessen my acne to mild to moderate by using a different water-only method, so I do think that with time it can work for pretty much any type of acne. It also seems to work best for acne caused by external controllable variables, and also for any other type of internally-based acne (hormonal, genetic, etc) being made worse by products. So for these internally-driven acne issues, it may not completely get rid of the problem, but likely will lessen them in number and size and they will be far more controllable and less of a hassle. This method can help as it removes any products/ingredients/tools that are irritating and clogging the skin. Any breakouts you do get are thus simply caused by your own body or by other external factors (for me, this would be cleaning solution at the gym if it touches my face), and your skin is better able to calm down and heal itself over time. Not for everyone, but worth trying if your skin feels uncomfortable and unhealthy.

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Oh, I should edit to describe my skin prior to the routine :D Anyways, I've had oily skin for years now. It was also dehydrated (so felt tight). It was also a lot thinner than it is now.

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Well this routine seems to be one that works well for various skin types, as it helps the skin balance out. In the first few weeks, my face was so tight and uncomfortable from not moisturizing it or removing flakes, but it eventually got used to it and now never gets dry after showers! I still have some mild dehydration, but it is getting better every day. I'm looking in the mirror right now, and my forehead looks and feels uh-maazing. The sheen is minimal, but it has that "hot summer's day" look to it, you know? But that healthy kind lol. My cheeks are all splotchy from the red marks and my natural flush, and my chin is kind of in between the two in terms of how the skin looks. My nose no longer gets oily to the point where it's embarrassing. If my whole face looked like my forehead, I'd be in heaven right now :D

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haha nice! I might try it before school starts late august, how long have u been going again, a month??? it only takes 2 months to clear ur face if it does work?

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I've been on it (consistently) for a month now, yes. I'm not completely clear, as I do still have the red marks and a few little bumps, but I basically don't consider it as acne anymore. Just.. pimples. And the ones I have now are all old, or old ones that are newly inflamed because of my current purging. so it seems like I'm not getting anything new, but getting rid of the old. And if I don't pick, it will go away. It seems that it takes up to 2 months to see the best results, but it's a long process. Meaning that it's not just going to look perfect after 2 months. Some even report purging again near the 2nd month, although I've mostly only heard of purging occurring within the first 6 weeks. I'd say that it takes no more than 2 months for the skin to adjust to the routine, and then any other changes in the skin will continue the longer you follow the method. So red marks and texture issues will resolve over a number of months, oiliness or dryness will slowly get better, stuff like that.

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Im thinking about trying this, I shower once a day so would it be ok to have water splash my face just once a day during the shower?

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Thanks, Nos! At least I'm over the hump. So it's kind of smooth(er) sailing now.

And Johnny, that's basically what I do. Although I let the water fall over my face practically the whole shower as I just love the feel of water on my face/skin. I don't really think too much about what I'm actually doing and how long I'm wet for. I just wash when I wash my whole body, unless I'd get my face dirty during the day and didn't want to shower until later (then I'd wash at the sink).

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Hi! Can u wear makeup? Do you stick to a diet or any supplements? Water only means you ONLY use water from showering and what not right?

Thanks so much Ashley! Your an inspiration!

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Hey :) I don't wear makeup, but I will eventually wear eye makeup again (then remove it with an appropriate remover). But I've worn foundation numerous times this month as a self-esteem booster to hide my red marks, and as long as the stuff isn't caked on, it seemed to come off well in the shower. For heavy liquid foundation application (like, 4-5 thick layers), it took maybe 3-4 showers for all the residue to wash off. With a powder applied very heavily as well, it took 1-2 washings. But I don't want to wear foundation, as I've disliked wearing it since 2009 when I initially gave facial makeup up.

No, I don't follow any specific diet/supplement regimen, and just eat the same stuff I always eat. There are only three things I avoid, as they cause stomach discomfort: gluten, eggs, and cheddar cheese.

And yes, it means I only use water. I choose to do it while showering as I'd prefer to keep my skin cleaning habits as a whole unit as opposed to separating it between face and body. But some choose to just rinse multiple times in the AM and then before bed, which is fine. It's about finding what type of schedule/approach you enjoy; I think the shower approach is just the most convenient and least routine of the approaches.

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See, I'm convinced this will actually work.

I used to have back acne, it was probably worse then my face (which is very mild acne), and I didn't even worry about it when I was taking showers, just let the water run over it, no soap no nothing and I didn't even put any cream on it because I didn't feel like asking someone to put it on my back since its literally impossible to do it by myself.

Now, I have no back acne!!

Is this possible with my face or is it too late since I started using BP?????

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That was my experience mostly. Although it is taking longer to heal this time because I keep prodding at it :/

And yes it is possible. Whether it will work I cannot say, but it is possible. The BP is just a preventative. So... I guess you can kind of look at it as a dam. If you remove the dam from a river, the water will initially gush out and stuff, but then it goes back to a normal stream/flow. Give your skin time to adjust to not being treated wtih topicals and it should settle down after a while. Some people quit cold turkey, others wean it out. I think weaning it out would be a slower and safer method, but it might also cause you to not want to stop using it if you see that you break out more and more as you use it less and less. If you just right away throw it out, the purge would not be postponed.

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Just thought I'd throw this in, dead skin actually acts as a humacent (it attracts and holds water), and I'd bet that your acid mantle will thank you for not using tons of products. Of course acne is multifaceted, but the water only regimen could certainly work for some people, as shown by the number of people who've benefited from it here. I must say, it's probably my favorite of all topical regimens, being that it's free :lol: I think all people could at least benefit from the principle of not over treating your face, and focusing more on letting your skin take care of itself more often.

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How do you deal with the dryness? It's so hard to resist the urge to slob on some moisturizer. This regimen (or lack thereof :P) has been going good for me but the dryness after splashing my face with water can be unbearable at times!

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Try to decrease the amount of water you are splashing on your skin, maybe you are doing it too often? At night would be best, so your skin can attract moisture overnight, and restore itself. You could also buy a humidifier if you wanted to take the regimen up a notch, but that's not completely necessary (though it might be a good idea in the dry winter months if you truly cannot remedy the dryness).

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Just thought I'd throw this in, dead skin actually acts as a humacent (it attracts and holds water), and I'd bet that your acid mantle will thank you for not using tons of products. Of course acne is multifaceted, but the water only regimen could certainly work for some people, as shown by the number of people who've benefited from it here. I must say, it's probably my favorite of all topical regimens, being that it's free :lol: I think all people could at least benefit from the principle of not over treating your face, and focusing more on letting your skin take care of itself more often.

Hm, I had no idea about that. My skin was always really tight when I had dead skin, but when I'd always exfoliate I was externally dehydrated. And now that I don't exfoliate and just let dead skin cells shed themselves, I have almost no dehydration. Perhaps that's one of the causes, not just not using products :)

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How do you deal with the dryness? It's so hard to resist the urge to slob on some moisturizer. This regimen (or lack thereof :P) has been going good for me but the dryness after splashing my face with water can be unbearable at times!

Some of what Tim recommended could work. But my main question would be how long have you been doing this for? I had insane tightness and flaking/peeling for about 3 weeks. I didn't exfoliate at all, and it all went away. Now I only get a bit of tightness after showers (regardless of the temp or length). I'm assuming that it will decrease as the months go by, which has happened with my body (also water-only and no lotion). I just made myself push past it, ignoring it as much as possible.

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How do you deal with the dryness? It's so hard to resist the urge to slob on some moisturizer. This regimen (or lack thereof :P) has been going good for me but the dryness after splashing my face with water can be unbearable at times!

Some of what Tim recommended could work. But my main question would be how long have you been doing this for? I had insane tightness and flaking/peeling for about 3 weeks. I didn't exfoliate at all, and it all went away. Now I only get a bit of tightness after showers (regardless of the temp or length). I'm assuming that it will decrease as the months go by, which has happened with my body (also water-only and no lotion). I just made myself push past it, ignoring it as much as possible.

Maybe I have been splashing TOO much water now that I think of it. I just always get that feeling that my face is not clean and feel the need to splash more water, gotta break that habit.

I actually started about a little bit more than 3 weeks ago & just stopped using moisturizer cold turkey. The dryness and tightness was pretty bad, but went away after a good week of just water splashing lol. Since I wasn't applying any products to my face I thought I could go enjoy a day at the beach without any sunblock & got sunburned. I couldn't not put any moisturizer on so I've been using it ever since... :naughty:

I guess like you said I gotta push past it :)

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I spend up to 30 minutes in the shower. At least half of that time is with my face under the water. And I take boiling hot showers. I found that splashing at the sink caused me to think too much about what was doing, so just doing it in the shower and washing it as I wash the rest of me works. I mean, why wash one part of the body at a different time unless there's actually something on it that needs washing off?

So are you just stopping moisturizer, or using it again now?

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i think 30 mins in a hot shower and half of the time for the face is a bit too long. I recently changed from splashing water on my face to using 1 bottle of distilled water over my face each day. Result is lesser redness but more dead skin. my face looks rough.

I have started water only regimen for already 4 weeks. The main improvement is reduction in redness. But the dead skin is horrible and itchy at times. I bought a cellulose sponge yesterday, contemplating whether to exfoliate, but decided not to. I am scared haha. maybe becos i duno how to use that cellulose sponge; there is no instruction or could it be used for the body and not for the face.

I hate Singapore. most ppl here have super good skin.

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