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Glycyrrhizic acid work wonders

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I'm new to this forum.

I registered because I want to share with everybody how I got rid of excessive hair, oily skin and pimples using glycyrrhizic acid.

If I can help more people get their life back I will be very happy.

I have had, hormonal problems since puberty, I'm 30 now.

Practicaly whole my life I had to deal with excessive hair and skin problems.

I tried everything - herbs, homeopathy, creams, lotions, oils - nothing helped. Birth control pills were the worst, they got me panic disorder - for one month I was unable to go to work, my boss nearly fired me annoyed by my inadequate behaviour.

Not to mention that I spent fortune on various products, I cried my eyes out, I have become suicidal.

Then one day while I desperately was searching for the miracle cure in internet I found it. Finally !!!

I come accross this article in internet, sorry that I'm not allowd to post links - it is from a scientific magazine.

I was so desperate and miserable, that I was willing to try everything, not thinking for the consequenses.

The problem was where to find the bloody stuff. It turned out that China is the biggest manufacturer and many chemical companies buy it from China, however they are unwilling to sell it in small quantities. One of these companies offered me 500g for nearly 2000 euro !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I found this Chinese supplier in ebay - I had nothing to lose and ordered it.

I haven't had the slightest idea how to use it, so I had to experiment.

I dissolved 1 teaspoon in 250 ml hot water, waited until the solution cools down and just apply it to the skin, first I avoided using it on my face as I was affraid of the results. By the way this quantityt is enough for 4 treatments

I waxed my legs and applied the jelly, I noticed not only it did not irritate the skin, but on the contrary it calms it down. Then I started applying it on my skin too. I got rid of the excessive oil within 3 days. My pimples started fading and didn't haven't appeared since - even before my periods !!!!!!!!!!!! It decreased my unwanted hair, the one that is still growing is finer, thinner, grows slowly. But the hairs are fewer and fewer with every treatment. I'm very persistant - I use the glycyrrhizic acid twice daily, every day.

100g of the acid costs 95usd and are enough for approximately 3 months. The seller on ebay offers free shipping to USA and UK. This mean approximately 32 usd monthly, way cheaper then most of the acne and hair removal products that are on the market.

I wonder why on Earth someone don't popularize this stuff and make the people happy



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I wish I would be the seller, I would be rich now :)

As I write in my first post I ordered glycyrrhizic acid from China and I'm Serbian and live in Serbia :)

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hello i need some help with my acne on my cheeks like i use acanya and take mincocycline two tablets a day will it work ?? please if anything reply back

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