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Acne on hands?!

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Wow, is all i can say for this. Acne has already messed up my face, neck, arms, back and now its aiming for my hands, wow just wow. I pretty sure its goal is to attack every part of my body and leave its mark to make me more and more miserable. Why is this happening? I just want in to stop and leave me alone, thats all. Its even got me around my groin area, btw how do you prevent groin acne? Anyway i need some answers if anyones got the answers :/. I know acne can appear anywhere on the body, but i rarely hear of acne on the hands? Does anyone else get acne on there hands? Well thats all guys if anyone got a good answer please let me know i would appreciate it, thanks.

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Umm are you sure its acne? lol I dont think I've ever heard of acne on the hands, I dont think thats even possible...Maybe you have a different type of skin condition, see your GP!

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I dont think you can get acne or your hands ...its possibly some other type of skin irritation, poison ivy/oak or maybe hives.

Yes bestto get checked out.

Your hands dont even have oild glands, I believe. Most likely NOT acne.( But Im not a doctor...)

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If you're getting it in so many places, I'm going to agree with the others and say it's probably not acne. However, none of us are dermatologists so go see one right away if this gets worse or continues to bother you.

In the meantime, I strongly suggest using Dial anti-bacterial soap (or really any other anti-bacterial soap, in bar or liquid form). Try using this for a few weeks over your body (you might want to avoid your face for now, as this soap can be quite drying). This MIGHT help to clear up these blemishes if they're bacterial in nature, but there are no guarantees.

Regardless, consider seeing a dermatologist! Good luck!

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I pretty sure its not warts, or anything, Their just little red pimples (theirs four of them btw) that have appeared on the top of my hands not the palm if thats what you were thinking. They act the same as any other little acne pimple, they form, stay there for a few days and then vanish. So im pretty sure its not warts, im pretty sure it just acne. I dont know, why the hands though?

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Sounds like staph, not acne. If they're forming in a hair follicle it's folliculitis. Probably should head to the doctor...

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