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Yes, my doctor had prescribed this acne medication to me, roughly about 4 weeks ago. It is to be used on moderate to slightly acne prone skin. Before using Clindagel or Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Gel, I used Paulas Choice Skin Care products to help with my acne. I still do, but I don't incorperate the 2.5% Benzyl Peroixde nearly as much as I used to 4-5 weeks ago. Also, I find that I only need to apply my Paulas Choice 1% Beta Hydroxy Acid Gel 3-4 times weekly (in evening) than I used to which was almost every day in the morning.

Being on Clindagel for about 4 weeks, I have seen much improvement! My skin is clear and glowy and has helped muchos with my blackheads on my nose and chin.

Even though the instructions say to only use Clindagel on troublesome spots and only to use it in the evening, I use a light covering all over my face and use it in the morning and at night. The gel is very light and soaks right into the skin without any problems. It hasn't dryed out my skin either (well not yet anyhow.)

Doing some acne prescibed research, this is by far the most gentlest form of ance medication.

Im very glad with my results thus far. smile.gif


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Yes, I was just prescribed this too (well Cleoclin- a clindamycin lotion) and wish I had it long ago. I was worried about an intitial outbreak which didn't happen at all. I use it BP in conjuction per my derm, in fact. It's only been three weeks but it's the only three weeks in recent memory I haven't a single inflamed acne spot (tiny pimples yes). I must add that my acne problems are fairly mild granted. So while everyone is different this seems to be wonderful for me. The derm also said Clindamyacin is especially reccomended for older (I"m 33) women with possible hormonal fluxuations. So best of luck.

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I am on benzaclin which is a cream with cleomycin and benzoil peroxide both in it. The druggist mixes it up when you go in to get it.

It has done wonders for me. For topical stuff, I am also using clenia cleanser. I have no pimples and only a few blackheads left. It has been about a week since I started using it. My skin does feel a little tight, but it does not look dry and it is definitely very smooth.

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Meh, i loved clindagel, but i cant get it here in teh UK.

I was in the US about a year ago visiting family in portland, oregon. And i went to the GP about my acne (i got a flare up) and he gave me clindagel (2 tubes), dunno how much it cost but my uncle paid for it. (was weird paying for it, cause in teh UK we get our meds for free)

and i sued it during the day underneath my moisturiser and my acne was near enough gone, compexion evened up and i was really happy. Once i got back to the UK, and the stuff run out, i enquired with my GP about it, and he said its not aailiable in the UK.

The stuff i used was Clindagel, made by Galderma (ironically Galderma makes Differin, whcih i love to bits :) )

great stuff, :)

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:surprised: Don't worry, I too have always been concerned about the side effects of any acne medication. I think that some of the side effects of some medications can be just as frustrating as acne itself! BUT, Clindagel was designed to cause little or no side effects at all! If you check out their website (clindagel.com) you'll see some stats that show that only a very small percentage experienced any side effects. Personally, other medications I have used made my skin redder, and dry, but with Clindagel I've had NO side effects and I've been on it for several weeks. Every doctor I've talked to about this perscription say that Clindagel is just as effective for treating acne as say Benzoyl Peroxide, which I was also worried about when starting on the medication. All in all it works well, although it does take time, like any other treatment. I hope this helps anyone starting or considering using Clindagel.
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I don't think Clindagel gives any serious side effects. I just put a thin layer on my cheeks, a little on my forehead and chin, let the gel dry, and then slather on sunscreen. I've never noticed any irritation, redness, or peeling with this, and my skin can get irritated by the wind. If I have any active pimples, they go down by the end of the day.

Give it a shot. I think my dermatologist told me that it's designed to give you little side effects.

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I just started using clindagel today. Before I purchase it, i asked the doctor whether there are any side effects and he said hardly. But when I did some research on it, the side effects are shocking but reported to be rare cases. If this gel is good, I was thinking of using it long term. Will this be ok? Anyone here has been using this for long?

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