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Yo acne.org,

Short little acne history: 18 years old, starting breaking out about a year and a half ago after always having a clear face. Long story short, had pretty severe acne (no cysts, but lots of papules and pustules and whiteheads) and with Dan's regimen (which I have been on for about 5 months) I have gotten it under control. I get about a zit every week or two, which is bearable and I don't mind. Only problem is I have lots of dark/red marks from the old acne, and from the pimples I still get. Even if I don't touch it, as I have very sensitive skin.

I currently use Clean&Clear's foaming cleanser, Dan's BP, and lac-hydrin five at night, which I just recently started using but has been the best night moisturizer I have found.

My question is, what is the best SPF15 for relieving post-inflammatory red marks? I have been using cetaphil's spf15 but I really don't like how it's greasy, plus it does nothing for red marks.

All help would be appreciated.

I have attached pictures so you can see my skin and try to figure out what would be best for treating it.





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I've always loved Aveeno Moisturizers with SPF 15. It won't give you that greasy feel/look like cetaphil.

Check it out!

I have read a bunch of reviews on Aveeno and the majority say that it causes breakouts.. Although it says it is non-comedogenic, that hardly seems to be the case.

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