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hi everyone,

im currently on my 11th week of accutane. i did 2months on 10mg perday and the last 3 weeks im on 20mg perday. i started off with moderate acne.

the main problem that is confusing me is how much my skin fluctuates... first couple of weeks i cleared up then i experienced the dreaded IB and that lasted for about 2 weeks.

i think it was on my 8th week that i started to actually clear up. and it was going really well for about 3 weeks, i was still getting spots but very few (mainly under my jaw line) and the main thing that amazed me was about 80% of the red marks had dissappeared!:).so i thought i was at the point of no return! (where it will only get better hehe:).

on the 11th week somthing weired happened!!!! my face started to look worse. the red marks which i thought had dissappeared had come back. and my skin started to look not as nice (uneven, very small skin coloured bumps) and also i THINK the very few small red spots i get are taking ages to completely heal...they heal but leaving a vey small red mark which is a little recognisable. also today i got this painless black coloured thing undermy skin on my cheek(looked like a blackhead) but its in a really weired possition and not really sure what it is, its not red just like a black very small dot.

1 thing i was considering was that my 20mg perday maybe isnt enuf? maybe they cant cure me anyfurther and i require higher dose to be completely clear?( this is just a thought :P)

thank you for reading my incredibly boring story :D

and please help me out becuase im not sure whats going on:/

peace x

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