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It's been a long time and I bear good news :)

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Hi everyone

I havent updated my blog in ages, primarily a proof to myself that when people get better, they don't really post, so don't get discouraged if you don't read a ton of success stories on blogs/boards!

My Skin has been very good since I finished the tane. I only occasionally get small pimples around my period, that go away. My red marks have also been improving significantly. I still wear a bit of foundation when I'm out but Im sure its mostly due to my own insecurities, rather than people noticing anything in my skin. I have small little ice pick scars which don't bother me much because they're not really obvious

My routine has been Diane 35, Spiro (100 mg) and using a retinol product that my derm makes. I'm feeling good about things and have been very happy!! I'm only a bit concerned about what would happen after I get off Diane and Spiro, and generally hope that the tane killed the acne and that if I go off the BCP and Spiro, my skin will be fine. I really reallly hope so, but almost too scared to try!!

Anyway has any stories to share on that??

Just also wanted to write you all a post that i hope will help if just a little - this site has been a terrific source of support and friends for me...In the dark days when I was struggling through my tane course, so many people gave me hope and helped me out. I found a community that I could talk to without being embarrassed. It will pass -- just keep the faith and the routine!! Tane is a long journey but Im sure will be a successful one for you!! I look back now and am so happy with my skin -- I didnt think it would get to be this great!! I wish u all the best best of luck! and I will update my blog more frequently -- Didn't think I'd be saying this but I miss this website!!

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They come back months or years after accutane to say the acne came back. I hope it all works out for you tho.

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I think many actually don't come back -- Its been around 2 years for me now, there are many success stories out there! I think its important for people here to also hear success stories and be optimistic...its not always a lifetime battle and there is hope out there..much hope!

Just wanted to share my own little story and wish you all the very best! I will post and stay in touch :)

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Sorry for my belated reply to this. I am thankfully still clear - again occasional pimple around period but nothing that is obvious or that bothers me. Im very thankful. Lets see what happens when I try going off the pill but that prob wont be for another year or so

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It's really nice to hear from you. Most people who post regularly have been on multiple rounds with emphasis on people who post. It's just nice to know that there are those out there who've had permanent success.

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Hi readytosmileagain, hope you're doing well! Are you on BCP? If so, which BCP are you on? Im on Diane-35 and Spiro still - hoping to stop in Jan or so and TTC. Will keep you posted. I really hope I dont break out on stopping Diane. Fingers crossed!

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Im not currently on anything because...

IM HAVING A BABY :) 15 weeks right now! Cant believe it and im afraid to even type this but so far, just tiny pimples here and there and no cystic acne at all.... (please god dont let it happen now that I admitted it hahaha)

I use Fineaca Cream http://www.myfinacea.com/en/home.php and Glycolic Acid facewash once a day (Cetaphil the other times i wash) right now as my regimen

Have a beautiful day!!!!!!!

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