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Stress induced acne - quest active

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I used to be acne free. But once I got real OCD the stress put me off and i developed acne around my mouth. I have been struggling with it since, even when I don't have any problems with OCd. When my obsessive behaviour occasionally becomes really bad, I have bad breakouts around my mouth. I am pretty sure that the emotional rollercaoster is the cause of my acne. Since I have almost been without it in times where I have no stress in my life. After I got it, it seems like certain foods also can wosen it, but by no degree like a lasting freak out episode with my OCD.

Since I have also developed some bad skin around my face. I can get acne on my forehead, but it doesnt really bother me. Im also pretty sure I have had a skin condition as long as i can remember. I once found the medical definition of it, but i cant remember. Basicly its a layer of elevated goosebumps on both of my upper arms.

Im very interested in anything that can be applied on my skin to help me get rid of it, I want to try mostly anything. success stories with people with acne caused by stress and hormonal issues is desireable. Dietary recommendations, if they are related.

Will update with information as time goes. I really want this problem out of my life.

Great online community.

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Bad breakouts around my mouth at the time. The area which is inflamed also feels pretty hot, even though I haven't messed with it, this I never experienced before I think.

My plan for the coming week will be to pick up high quality pro-biotic supplement. One clean with only live culture, one with 98% ginger root extract 2% bacteria culture. I might add some Zink to my supplementation list.

Only too bad Dans Regimen Kit for 38.44 is only 1-2 dollars over my country's toll and toll handling fee, which doubles the product prize when it arrives. So i might as well go for his Regimen Kit Plus.

I also have some experience with food restriction, but it still keeps on confusing me to madness, will play this at medium interference.

Anyone got anything they would add? Seems to me to be a good approach. Will update you on how it goes as I roll. Thanks.

Edit 1:

Okey now I have ordered:

Probiotic supplement, with seven different strains (Norwegian brand)

ginger root in 2% probiotic culture



milk thistle extract (for liver)

Dans Regimen Kit Plus

Im excited for it to arrive. Its all express mail, so everything except dans regimen will arrive within next week. Hopefully Dans regimen to.

To start with Dans regimen will be used on my forehead where experience mild acne to see its effectiveness. Updates incomming.

Edit 2:

My supplier of milk thistle, zinc and l-glutamine couldn't ship with expedited postage so I had to change supplier. Supplies comming in. The only thing that has arrived is the probiotic.

I have been using something else I found in the house to see its effect: with some aloe vera juice, outdated milk thistle and some low grade probiotic supplement I actually managed to become almost clear, except for scarring. I was also pretty happy and excited for the other supplements to arrive. So my vibe was positive throughout. Something unfortunate happened the other day and made me stress out big time on my OCD, then acne occured again. Seems like I will have to get rid of the stress.

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Guest Timehealsall

You know what... i honestly think there is some related. After i took oral antibiotics (doxycycline 100mg 2x a day) for 5 months... i have ever seen been incredibly obsessed with my skin. The counselor diagnosed me with BDD (a form of ocd), and i noticed that when i get anxiety/anxious about my skin, breakouts eventually occur.

If this is related to the gut.. than i am assuming i am basically fucked? Because even if i take care of my BDD, i will still have an issue with the gut?

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