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Personal Regimen Log from an Aussie - Success at LAST!

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Hello Acne.org friends.

My name is Nick, and I will be recording my progress with the Acne.org regimen over the next few months. I will try to include the thought process behind each of my actions and a little background to myself. Obviously, I don't expect everyone to read or enjoy my posts, but hopefully there will be some people who benefit from reading them.


I am a 20 year old male of Asian descent living in NSW, Australia. I have relatively light coloured olive skin, dark hair and dark brown eyes. The weather here varies throughout the year from days of extreme heat during summer to freezing cold days (around 14-15°c which is very cold for us) in winter.

After a lot of internet research and a brief amount of time looking at product reviews on acne.org and makeupalley, I would describe my skin type as oily, sensitive and acne prone.

Overall, I would probably rate myself as a regular guy, in a somewhat half-assed battle with Acne.

Throughout most of my schooling life, I had absolutely perfect skin. All throughout primary school and high school, my skin was absolutely unblemished, poreless and i had maybe 3 or 4 pimples during the ages of 0-17. This all changed however, in my final year of highschool. In my final year of schooling (Year 12), I started to notice I was breaking out a little bit in the cheek area. I basically just ignored this and asked mum to buy a pimple clearing facewash from the local supermarket/chemist. This worked for a while, but did not clear the acne entirely.

During the next three years, between the age of 17.5 and now, I have noticed my acne become increasingly severe (mostly through photos on facebook and family holiday pictures).

I have reached a point, many times where I've decided: 'okay I'm going to address this properly and be clear in 1-2 months'. So far, this has not worked so well.

Different things i have tried in the past:

Dermatologist (to no success)

Washing with warm water only

Differin (Tropical Cream)

Vibra-tabs (Oral)

Minomycin (Oral)


Eracyne (Tropical gel)

Other things I've tried (to no success)

Clinique 3-step Anti Blemish Solutions

Eating: -Zinc

-Vitamin B

-Vitamin D

Applying Eggwhites to face in mask

Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask

Aspirin Masks 2-3 times a week (this actually seems to work, but not entirely)

Applying Calamine Lotion on acne and red marks and leaving overnight.

Apple Cider Vinegar (which I'm still currently using as I've found it reduces red marks very well)

Current Thoughts

As a result of the above things, I've FINALLY decided after three years to try the Acne.org regimen.

I came across this regimen about 2 years ago, but decided not to try it due to a few factors:

- Expensive and long waiting time to ship products to Australia

- Consistency of application, care and time required to the regimen each day

- The comment or thought that even if you miss one application that the regiment would not be effective. This one was the primary drawback for me. I am more of a 'decide to do things as they come' type of person, so making plans like this every 10-12 hours did not really suit my lifestyle.

Anyway, I've done a lot of research and decided that I am willing to stick to the regimen for 90-95-100% clear skin.

I ordered part of the regimen from this website, 4 days ago. I only ordered the 16oz of benzol peroxide and the tube of AHA. As reading reviews, I can also use dove soap for the regimen as a cleanser (which I have heaps of), and i excluded the moisturiser as apparently the 'new' formulation is extremely unpopular and reviews on this site are around the 3/5 little bean men rating.

nb. I have a lot of respect for Dan for not tampering with reviews of the products sold on this site.

Anyway, until my bottle of BP arrives, I've purchased a similar but more expensive 2.5% BP alternative from the local pharmacy called Benzac AC. I have been using it for 3 days so far, applying it all over my face gently after washing. So far, it has brought some pimples to the surface, a few more whiteheads than I had before. One of my cheeks (which was already acne free) is looking even better now, although a little red. The other parts of my face still have visible acne (around mouth, temples, forehead).

Also my face is red overall but i have read this should go away after 1-2 weeks. I am fine with this. I will be posting how my skin is doing over the next few weeks. Please subscribe to this thread, and feel free to post below your experiences and thoughts and if they are similar/different to mine smile.gif.

Until then, I leave you with the following Video.

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Welcome to the Regimen and good luck!

I'm on week 3 and have seen some improvement already.

I just wanted to ask how you use ACV, do you drink it or apply it topically? Right now my red marks are awful and they make it look like I have acne 10 times worse than I do!

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Nice video :) I feel like this guy every day while doing 'the regimen' - I never used to really require as much maintenance, only difference is i'm not psychotic ---- yet.

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Day 4

Skin is feeling mixed - some new pimples but small ones.

Cystic acne from before the regimen is getting smaller/less

Overall my skin looks good from afar. Also when washing it i've noticed that it feels very smooth - sort of that feeling after you exfoloiate, but everywhere

Face is a still a little red all over.

The area around my mouth is Extremely Dry.

So far, still remaining optimistic for the future :)

@northlincs4kylie, I use the ACV tropically as a toner. SO i wipe it all over my face after i cleanse and dry. I've read that drinking ACV is really good for you (as i'm sure you have too), except i cant stand the smell or taste so i will pass for now.

I can say that my red marks which are very obvious are still there, however some of the ones which were semi-gone dissappeared very quickly after i started using ACV.

p.s I've also started using that clean pillow thing. I think it's silly to use a towel every day and I cannot be bothered to do the extra laundry. As a result, I basically get a T-shirt and drape it over my pillow. Then on day 2, I turn it over, on day 3 I turn it inside out, and on day 4 i flip it over again. Essentially, it's a new pillowcase for 4 days and only 1 extra t shirt to wash.

Edited by ClearSkiesAhead

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Day 5

Hey guys, today I woke with super dry skin, especially around my mouth. This is a very different story from the usual oiliness on my face which seems to be ever present. I have not noticed much new acne, and the ones which were there already are still visible.

Redness on my whole face is only there for 30mins -1 hr after I apply the BP and Moisturiser.

Tried applying some Jojoba oil when I woke up. About to go to the chemist to look for a new moisturiser.

Question to any Aussies reading this - what have you used on the Regimen which you find effective? and is it available from retail stores?

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Day 11

Greetings once again,

okay so i kept up Dan's Regimen until Day 9... my face was still red and feeling very sensitive after applying moisturiser. it was ridiculously dry all over, and jojoba oil did not seem to help much with the flaking.

pretty much i haven't received my shipment yet of BP and decided to stop it and instead try an alternative.

I know that one of the common mistakes is stopping the regimen too early, but whatever my face was hurting, very sensitive and red throughout the day.

As of last night, i have tried the second most recommended 'natural' treatment as per the reviews; lemon juice as a tropical. Basically I just apply it like a toner in the morning and night, during the day i might ad a moisturiser with SPF 15+ if i'm going in the sun because i'm not stupid.

yes it does sting a little bit, but nothing compared to how my skin felt after the BP and moisturiser.

I think it's too soon to tell how well or not the Lemon juice is working, but it seems like it's reducing some of the red marks while reducing inflammation. it's probably too soon to tell.

honestly, depending on when my shipment of BP comes and how well the lemon juice is working i may or may not restart the regimen.

Au Revoir and good luck

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Day whatever.

Okay friends,

I kinda went on a bender, gave up and re-starated.

My shipment of BP and AHA+ came last week, so i restarted the regimen on saturday night.

I would say that this is actually Day 4

I am cleansing with Dove Beauty Bar, extra sensitive.

I have been using 1 pump of BP over face

At night I am moisturising with Dan's AHA - my skin is very smooth afterwards.

During the day I am moisturising with "Dove Face Care Essential Nutrients, Day Lotion SPF 15"


I find that my face is still pretty sensitive and is red if i add a little more BP.

Actually, i used 1.5 pumps of BP and my face is very red, oh my! it's goood that i'm going to bed soon.

In terms of my acne, a couple of new white heads. There were some really bad pustules last week but I did not pick at them and they have popped/gone away.

Overall skin complexion is smooth however many red/dark marks remain. Sad story really :(

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Oh, and in terms of the lemon juice, i did not really see any results. It made me break out if anything. Yes it could be 'purging' but really the bottom line is it's super inconvenient to cut a slice of lemon each morning/night to squeeze and apply to face.

I also just read about urine therapy but I don't think i'll be going down that path any time soon.

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Day 6

Hi guys, starting to notice the same problems which I had the first time round.

Lots of flakiness around the mouth area currently... and i mean LOTS!

overall I can see an improvement, however still have visible inflamed acne

From a distance in warm lighting, looks like i have excellent skin. When i move closer to the mirror though, this is not quite the case... yet... (i hope)

Also I have been using Dan's AHA as a spot treatment during the day, and a moisturiser at night (applying all over my face)

Edited by ClearSkiesAhead

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Day 7

Woke up this morning, still a few of pimples visable on my cheek area and temple area.

My skin is pretty smooth overall and the appearance of many darkened/red marks is evident

Face feels tight and there is still flaking, especially around my mouth area.

I think I may have been using too much BP too quickly, so I made a quick calculation in excel (above).

This spreads the dosage of 3 pumps over a 4 weeks period.

I know that Dan recommends using more if in doubt, so feel free to use more than recommended below; the table just states the minimum dosage to use.

good luck guys!

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Day 8

Skin is still really dry. Looked slightly irritated in the morning. I have noticed red/dark marks fading a slowly, still present but not as dark as before. Flakes every where! it's lucky i haven't leave the house today yet because there are literally dry bits of skin falling off my face :o

remaining positive and will try to keep this up for at least a couple of months.

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Day 9

Overall, clear and substantial improvements from day 1. Face is still red, but slightly less than previous days (this also subsides throughout the day). One new white head today nothing major. still some pimples from before. Overall complexion is smooth but dry. Dry skin is still peeling.

Observation: Feels like an entire layer of skin is peeling off (especially in areas where there was lots of acne in the past, revealing a new layer of healthy skin underneath.

Red/dark marks are still present but older ones are noticeably lighter.

Very optimistic about the coming months ahead.

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Day 10

Skin was ok today. A little red after applying the BP and moisturiser, still peeling (however now different parts of face which hadn't previously peeled) on my forehead and jawline.

My sleeping patterns have been very disturbed lately (as always) due to going out and drinking till very early hours of the morning. i'm almost turning nocturnal as it's uni holidays at the moment.

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Day 11

Woke up a couple of hours ago (like 3pm), skin seemed good. not irritated or flakey.

Washed my face and ate breakfast and didn't apply BP or moisturiser for a couple of hours. my face became super dry and flaky all over. kinda like my skin was falling off lol. (yeah, not the best) I exfoliated with a dove facial cleanser with some exfoliating beads and just applied BP and moisturiser.

Overall, no new blemishes today just old ones healing, overall probably 70% acne free which i'm extremely pleased about (and an amazing improvement from weeks/months ago). Many, many red marks and dark spots are visable though.

My overall analysis of the regimen to this day


Does clear you up (Huge pro!)


Time consuming

Plays with you mentally

Flaking skin (which often you wonder which it is worse than acne)

Redness for over a week, I would have probably found this difficult if i worked in retail or customer service (still a little bit red currently)

Having said these things, definitely worth it so far and very glad i started it!

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Day 13/14

Skipped 2 or 3 applications of the regimen due to having too much fun on a night out and not returning home for a couple of days.

My moisturiser was running out, so stopped by the chemist and picked up some Pond's dry skin cream. Will report on how this goes. Just applied some and there is no redness or sensitivity at all!

Acne overall is better, however noticed two new pimples on my cheek area after coming out of the shower just then - will treat with AHA.

Red marks still present :( - although significantly better than 2 weeks ago :)

Edited by ClearSkiesAhead

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Day 14

Have used Pond's dry skin cream for 2 applications now... It's pretty thick and moisturising except it makes my face oily (very oily) after only 10-20 mins. I see 2 new breakouts but that is probably from the skipped applications. either way, dosage is 1.5 pumps currently.

Flakes everywhere. so many flakes, flake town.

p.s note that throughout this time I have not been using jojoba oil to control flakes at all, i should probably try that soon.

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Day 17

Face was red throughout most of the day. I feel like the increased dose of BP is keeping my face red and irritated. A lot less peeling/flaking than previously, although there is still a little. Probably three small, or inflamed pimples at this moment. Overall lots better from day 1.

I hope the redness goes away soon as it's annoying.

According to Dan, week three:

"Skin continues to clear and breakouts are minimized. Skin is less red and no longer itches. Red spots from old acne are evident"

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Day 16

I think i will stop using AHA at night for a couple of weeks. It makes my face red, even during the day.

Increased dose to 1.6 pumps

You're using AHA way too early in the regimen. Wait for atleast a month or two.

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I'm probably around the same days as you, lad lol, like day 17 or so for me. Hope it continues to go well. I used AHA once and face got red too. I've been advised to wait. Take careeee yo

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Day 18

@squares; @lily Yeah, thanks guys :) I did some reading and am going to wait until at least week 4.

Face still irritated and red, a little flaking. Three active pimples. After many hours from applying BP and moisturiser my face still does not return to it's normal colour.

The rest of my face looks smooth, however feels overall dry and tight.

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Day 19

I'm finding that after I shower or wash my face, it's really flaky until I put on BP.

Also I am finding when i smile sometimes my skin feels like an old person and has weird sort of wrinkles which result from the dry skin.

Face still red for a long time after i apply BP and moisturiser. started adding some jojoba oil but haven't noticed a huge amount of difference

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Day 23/24

Increasing dosage at a slow pace. currently at 2.2-2.4 pumps.

Face is still a little red at the moment, so many flakes - after i wash my face, before i put on the BP.

May actually order a second shipment of BP, the cleanser and may try the 'new' moisturiser out of sheer curiosity.

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