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Hi! I have not posted on this board for a few years. Mainly because I am basically 100% clear, besides the odd pimple here and there. I am prone to closed comedones which are not product-related; my skin just forms them on it's own, like it does not know how to properly regenerate or something. Without acne meds, my face would be literally covered in hundreds of bumpy clogs. My current regimen which has been working for me for ~2 years is as follows:


CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

CeraVe Cream on dry areas only (mainly cheeks and forehead)

Neutrogena 3-in-1 Stress Control (on chin everyday, occasionally on forehead and temples)


CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

Rx Ziana (most amazing Rx ever! The key to my clear skin and what makes the most impact)

I have given up on using a sunscreen everyday. It is just not worth it for me. Summer is here, and I go through trying to find a sunscreen that I like every summer because I do enjoy spending some time outside. I am very fair (NW15ish) so I do seek shade whenever possible and do not try and get color at all. I figured that by coming here, I can see what works for people prone to acne. Every sunscreen I have tried has either broken me out or dried me out, or was too greasy. And also, I can only use all physicals with zinc and Tio2. Here is what I've tried:

Elta MD Physical SPF 41- too drying and tint was way too dark for me.

Elta MD Clear SPF 46- Too greasy, left my face shiny, gave me a rash of red dots, possibly the cause of an underground, sore pimple.

Vanicream SPF 30- Too greasy.

MD Solar Sciences SPF 30 Mineral SS Gel- Currently test driving this one. I LOVE the look and feel of it. Not too greasy, leaves a matte finish, does not dry out my skin. However, it MAY be the cause of a breakout but I am hoping not. This one is still in the testing phase.

Next on my list to try is Burnout Clean and Clear. Also I want to try SkinCeuticals Sheer SPF 50.

Another one of my issues is removing these SS. I find they are all tenacious and do not come off with CeraVe. I am using Clinique TTDO Balm to remove. Also hoping this is not contributing to the breakout I am currently experiencing.

I just want a SS I can trust not to harm my skin. Any suggestions?

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Hi, even if you're prone to closed comedones that aren't product-related, I'd still recommend a sun block with a light base, especially if you aren't too sure how to remove it. I don't really have acne; however, sun creams that are heavily silicone based clog my skin easily. Do you prefer chemical or mineral based sun protection? I previously used the Shiseido SPF 55 PA+++ sun cream, which is water and sweat proof, and it keeps my skin matte, for me, almost too matte. I always use the DHC cleansing oil to remove my sun block, and I rarely experience any breakouts. I follow up with a gentle cleanser to remove an possible traces of dirt, sebum, or sun block. I have also used the Shiseido Urban Environment Sun Cream SPF 35 PA+++. The product claims that you can easily remove it with a normal cleanser.

I'm currently using the Laneige Sun Block High Lasting SPF PA 50+++. This product is hard to find as you can only purchase it online, through Amore stores, which aren't very common in the States, or some other retailer. It has a nice scent, but if you're sensitive to fragrances you might not like it. It leaves your skin oily though, which I don't mind.

Hope this helped :D

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