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Im really upset but I dont really have anyone to blame but myself . For about 8 months Id say my skin has been a complete mess, every week broken out pretty badly and covered in red marks . Pior to this I hadnt had acne in about a year , clear as crystal and Id never fet better but since its turned for the worse its pretty much destoryed my confidence . So I went to the docs and they put me on doxy , been on it about a month and a half and hadnt really seen results until last week , I was a 100% clear and even my marks were fading alot! But then this weekend I picked and now Im covered again :mad: , the pimples and scars are really bad and I dont know how or how long its gonna take to clear up again. I cant stop thinking about what Ive done and I hate myself to no end right now . I guess this was more of a venting post, I Just cant stoping freaking out right now :cry:

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Know the feeling. Been almost clear for a couple of months and I was actually totally clear at one point, like my latest gallery picture. Had the odd pimple since then but it was no big deal. My regimen and the supplements meant they didn't get huge and healed fast.

Had a bad few days in terms of looking after myself - not maintaining my regimen, late nights, stay in bed, eating junk food - and now my face is totally paying me back for it. Huge pimples like I haven't had for months. Freaked me out so I picked like crazy. Made a complete mess of it. I can kind of deal with how bad it ends up looking, but it's that it hurts which bothers me. No rhyme or reason for doing it or for actually causing myself pain. Failed on an epic scale! :lol:

Oh well, guess this will take a week or so to heal, guess I'll have to battle on and hope it doesn't trigger further breakouts. It may only be acne, but it sure does make me feel horrible sometimes! One day, I'll learn. :doh:

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I think it sucks more having a breakout u cause then just a random one cuz u cant stop thinking how ur skin coulda been if ya had left it alone :( im trying to just focus on the fact that i cant change it and on clearing it up now , good luck to ya man hope urs clears up faster too and we both are more cautious next time!

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