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I have been using Aczone x2 daily with Retin-A x1 daily at night on top of the Aczone. It really seems to be working. My skin still attempts to break out but this regime calms it and keeps it at bay. I have not had one "monster zit" since I began.

I am 46 years old and have suffered Adult Female Androgen Aggravated Acne my entire adult life and have used everything except Accutane. I was on Spironolactone for 1 year with reasonable results. However the Spiro destroyed my period and the trade off was no longer worth it. I cannot take birth control because of my age and family history of stroke.

My skin is not irritated. I have found that Bare Essentials ID SPF 15 mineral powder foundation is an excellent cover that leaves my face soft and very even toned. I cannot deal with any cream sunscreen on my face of any kind. They all just leave me greasy and my face is like a glazed donut to start with.

So I'm backing Aczone. And a little additional protection from Leprosy never hurts!

Good Luck!

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Hi! Glad to hear you're having decent results. I had been using Aczone with the other stuff in my sig up until a few nights ago b/c I didn't think it was doing anything and potentially making things worse. Was there an immediate difference with Aczone? Or did it take awhile to work? I am just wondering if I gave up too soon. I'm glad to hear you had success on Spiro. Sucks about your period. I hope my period can stay regular. I can't take BC either - I have hemangiomas on my liver.

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hi toby. i just came across this, this is the first time i've seen someone with such a similar regimen as me. i'm not using retin-a, but atralin which is very similar, in conjunction with aczone. i have been at it for almost 8 weeks now and i'm optimistic about the results so far. just wondering if when you apply your medications at night you use aczone first or retin-a first? i started off using the tretinoin first, then a couple weeks into it and after reading a lot on this site i decided to switch and i have beein using the aczone first ever since. my dermatologist didn't specify which order to use them in, just told me to use the aczone twice a day and atralin before bed.

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