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What do you put on your pancakes?

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hey all, i recently got some coconut flower since its healthier and has lower GI, and wanted to make some coconut pancakes tomorrow with some chocolate chips. However, I used to load on processed maple syrup, but i realize now that would be a very bad idea. So what I'm asking is, whats a good topping for pancakes? Does honey have too much sugar too? i need something, i personally can't eat them dry lol. Something that tastes good too, please, not something extremely healthy, just something i can have occasionally that won't do too much harm or cause too much of a sugar spike. Thanks

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This is what i do.. not the best way.. lols

I take a bite out of a pancake and then throw a couple blueberries in my mouth and eat them together. Can't say it tasted as good as sugary processed goodness but.. it tasted alright, tasted healthy.

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Slice up some fruit and saute in butter or coconut oil would be my best suggestion. Add spices like cinnamon, ginger, Chinese 5 spice powder which is a blend. Add some chopped walnuts. You can also add fruit to the batter. Banana slices are good.

I also have a little yogurt with a little honey stirred in. A small amount of low sugar jam, jelly or marmalade would be better than syrup. I like to stir a tiny bit of my sister's homemade/grown orange marmalade in with the butter.

And I often have nothing as I eat the leftover pancakes cold. I've found they taste even better that way, like flat muffins. But I use dried coconut, not coconut flour. Cheaper and has the coconut fat.

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