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Spirolactone + Minocycline -> Detailed Log.

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Making a log so I can keep track of any progress which I may or may not have on spiro and minocycline.

Acne History: Had acne since 11, very mild and basically ignored it. November 2010 - age 20, one day it seemed to hit me that I have terrible skin; oily, blackheads on nose and chin, whiteheads on my forehead, slight hyperpigmentation spots. Started buying acne spot treatments, vitamins, cleansers, different foods (flax seeds, green / white tea, tumeric etc)....spent hundreds of dollars in anything acne related. Because obsessed with my face, acne got worse and worse.


December 2010 - Present; Started getting cystic acne on my right cheekbone, often getting infected...left behind dark purple hyperpigmentation mark and icepick scars underneath. Cysts often pop up 1-2 a month around period. Have had approximately 7 cysts in same area. [see gallery pictures of cheekbone]

Pills: minocycline Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - Spirolactone Thursday June 9, 2011.

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* 3rd day on minocycline, 1st day on spirolactone.

- Quit smoking today, wearing a patch.

Physical Side Effects: None so far. Minocylcine hasn't given me any problems yet. Spirolactone: Had to pee more frequently (side effect of pill).

Acne: No cyst.

Chin: 2 whiteheads, 5 red spots from healing pimples.

Right cheek: No new cysts

Left cheek: 3 pimples

Forehead: Whiteheads, 3 healing acne spots.

Back: Mild pimples scattered across shoulders and lower back.

Chest: Clear except for afew dried up spots on collar bone.

Mood: Shitty. Randomly crying all day (assuming this is because of upcoming period in the next few days, possibly due to lack of smoking or antibiotic).

- Also went to dentist to get a chipped molar fixed...mouth ^%$#@ hurts.

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Update: Uhhhhg feel super sick, want to throw up. Took a gravol pill. Not sure if due to meds or something I ate but feel aweful. :wacko::(

worst day ever just want to sleep so it can be over but cant because i feel like crap.

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*4th day Mino, day 2 spiro.

Physical side effects: None thus far other than last nights episode of nausea.

Acne: No cyst

Summary: Same as yesterday, but new white head...chin acne not healing up at all...just red spots everywhere.

Would like to know if forehead is less oily, but had a bath at 2 and so it's been 4 hours...face not oily but not sure how long it generally takes my face to get that way.

Mood: Shitty. Started smoking again. Broke up with boyfriend (my doing).

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*5th day mino, 4th day spiro.

Physical side effects: Leg cramp yesterday and today for no reason (believe I have heard this being a side effect?). Headache yesterday (but under alot of stress).

Summary: No new cysts. Chin acne seems a little better? Cannot see any major pimples poping up.

-cant tell if oil has improved yet from spirolactone.

Mood: Slightly better, alot of stress and anxiety unrelated to the medication.

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*6th day mino, 5th day spiro.

physical side effects: Right leg cramp still there (day3), right arm also has a mild ache in it. Assuming this is the muscle pain caused by spiro :(

summary: No new cysts. Can see afew blackheads have formed above my lip? (don't really care about that). Still oily. Skin appears clear so far other than redmarks and scars :wacko:

mood:anxiety unrelated to medication. Although I am afraid of having an initial breakout :confused:

*trying to quit smoking AGAIN today...started afew days ago due to stress =/

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Been afew days

*10 days mino, 7th day spiro (missed a day)

Physical side effects: None that I can tell other than lack of appetite.

Summary: No cysts *yet* usually get one on my period and thats this week =[ boohoo.

-One new pimple on right side of mouth.

-afew new whiteheads on forehead? (get on period more often?)

-Skin still oily.

Mood: Unrelated to medication, anxious, sad, wantstopunchworldintheface :doubt::wall:

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*12 day mino, 9 spiro

Physical side effects: None that I can tell other than lack of appetite and tired.


*Can't tell if I am getting a cyst or not...I have a pimple on the bottom part of my cheek and it HURTS but then i'll feel a twinge of pain or irritation on my cheek and I can't tell if it's the pimple on my cheek or a cyst poping up in the regular area....god I hope not.

-2 small pimples on chin

-large pimple on lower part of cheek that was there two days ago...hurts like a cyst...can't tell if it is one though.

-Skin still oily

Mood: sick of the world :doubt:

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*18 mino, 15 spiro

Physical side effects: Tired.


Forehead - Broke out, covered in little bumps that I had recently just gotten rid of :sick:

Right cheek- looks terrible...pimple from afew days ago left a really ugly redmark...got a new pimple beside nose that I picked at so it's a red scab.

Left cheek- 2 old acne spots

chin- clear

Skin still oily as ever

Cant tell if this is an initial breakout but my skin is just gross.

Edited by Ivy.

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*23 mino, 20 spiro

~Have been working everyday so haven't hard a chance to get on here =]

Physical side effects: None

Summary: No Cysts.

Clear skin for the most part.

Still have red marks on right cheek, chin and 3 on forehead.

Have afew visible potential pimples on left cheek.

Forehead is COVERED in little skin colored bumps - Possibly going to try Nizoral shampoo on my forehead soon to see if maybe it's a fungal infection and I have heard this has cleared forehead bumps for some people.

Noticed: Yesterday and today I do not seem as oily as usual (Note; Not as hot outside the last two days so have not been sweating).

Emotional: To busy to REALLY worry about my skin right now with work....plus my mood is much more elevated because I wear makeup all day so it hides my skin.

Thank goodness for makeup.

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*45 mino, something spiro

Work and summer got in the way, trying to avoid this website so I don't obsess.

1.Stopped wearing makeup on thursday or friday and will not for the rest of the summer if I can help it.

Physical side effects: Just tired at the end of the day, not sure if it's the pills.

Summary: No Cysts (BUT, there are three small bumps that look like white heads surrounding the area where I get cysts, and generally when those appear they turn into cysts around my period...yay -.-)

Now have 4 white head like bumps on my LEFT cheek which WAS my clear cheek where I hardly got any pimples. Also have a semi-pimple like bump beside my nose thats been there for awhile.

during absense: Had 2 large pimples form on my forehead, one seemed like it was a cyst but the red spot it left has faded alot. Had 2 pimples pop up on my chin but after BPing them they dissapeared basically over night which was weird because that NEVER happens. Had a pimple on left cheekbone which left a mark. Skin was super dry in weird places but seems to have subsided a little (this is why i stopped wearing makeup, got tired of it looking even worse with the dry skin).

Forehead had cleared up of most little bumps and texturized look but after camping all the bumps are back, I dont know if this is from the sun, heat, and stress or what. I still washed my fact during camping.

Have a SUNBURN on my face...been putting cicaplast from la-roche posay on the burn to help it heal, hopefully wont break me out.

have started using MANUKA HONEY and spectro gel to wash face instead of neutragena foaming cleanser (after 3 yrs think that has contributed to acne, skin irritation, and dry skin).

oil skin- has not changed really, still oily as hell but with dry skin...annoying.

Skin is WORSE in my mind since I started the pills but it's due to over washing, makeup, stress, obsessing, etc.

Hope the small bumps on my cheeks do not turn into full blown pimples.

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