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question for paleo people from recent vegan

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I'm currently attempting my own version of paleo following dr mercola's protocol of no carbs and no grains and no fruit. i was eating largely raw food diet previously but have recently introduced fish and eggs over the last week because basically there was nothing left to eat. i still think dairy causes me issues so not even going there with milk and butter.

the thing is, i don't really want to eat meat but i'm kinda getting fed up of fish and eggs with salad every day.

does anyone know of good recipe sites that are paleo based but are mainly based on fish and eggs but also LOTS of veggies (no potatoes either)

this is working for me, really don't want to debate it just looking for a nod in the right direction for recipes

ta much

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You can make all kinds of veggie stir fries, curries and soups that have completely different flavors and don't involve fruit, meat, or grains. That's most of what I eat, but I also eat legumes, eggs, and fish.

We have lots of recipes for such things here in the Food and Recipe thread like these sweet potato curry recipes. See also the better grains and grain substitutes threads. Marks Daily apple's cookbook recipes mostly involve meat. Whfoods.org is a good source, you just have to ignore those with grains, but it's very veggie centric.

You could consider eating the least problematic legumes like lentils, limas and other broad beans, but only with proper soaking/fermenting and cooking methods and in combination with foods that bind up any harmful lectins. More info: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/ZAG-enzym...gg-t247794.html

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