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I've battled acne since I was in high school. My mom would never let me go to a derm until I was 19. At my first visit, my doctor prescribed me Accutane. But at that point the damage was already done, I have scarring. Accutane was great. And for someone who had cysts all over their face, I was still pretty jolly, probably because I had nothing to lose...it couldn't get any worse than that.

Now 3 years later, I started breaking out a little again. The oil came back. So did the cysts. I got a cyst back in February. I don't want Accutane again because I'm fearful of getting pregnant. I'm on a epilepsy medication that makes birth control less effective. So I got bactrim, which was a life saver. I haven't had a pimple in 4 months, my face is 85% clear of red marks, and I still have a lingering cyst on my cheek that's been injected 3 times to no avail. Yet I'm more depressed than ever about my skin. I'm sobbing as I write this.

I'm sobbing about one cyst. But I still hate my skin. I hate the scars. I hate that I went to a plastic surgeon to remove the cyst and he said nothing was there and can't help me. I hate that my dermatologist said that if he were to cut it out I'd have another scar on my face. I hate the pain it causes. I hate that it won't heal. I hate that accutane didn't cure the cysts. And most of all, I hate that I'm so upset about one cyst when I was fine when I was covered in them.

I feel helpless that there's really nothing I can do. I regret the last cortisone shot I got, yesterday, in attempt to finally kill this cyst which was smaller than it was, but still there. Today, over 24 hours later, it's bigger and visible. It keeps me inside, away from the world. I don't even want to see my boyfriend and making excuses not to see him because I want to hide this thing from him. The fact that he, the hottest guy I've ever dated and I'm serious when I say he's so handsome and ripped he should be a model, thinks I'm beautiful even with my scarring, boggles my mind. He hasn't even seen me without my makeup.

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It will go away eventually, i really doubt it could stay there forever. I'v read your post about it before and I can tell it really bothers you.

How long does it take for the cortisone to work?

and i know how you feel about your boyfriend, i'm in the same boat and it's rough. I think my boyfriend i gorgeous and im like "why is he with me"...but when we started dating a year ago my acne was mild-er and I didn't have any cyts. Now i'v got purple marks all over my right cheekbone and they are ugly.

but take what your boyfriend says to heart, he wouldn't say it if he didn't mean it, don't make the same mistake I have / do and push your boyfriend away because of it....now I know thats very hard and even I don't take my own advice sometimes, but you can be and still are beautiful with or without acne :wub: it's how you treat others when you assume they are judging you because of your face that makes people see you differently.

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thanks for you kind words. When I got injections while on Accutane they'd be gone the same day or next day. I never had more than 1 injection in one cyst, they always went away within a month. This thing is 3 injections deep and over 4 months old. they're supposed to work in 24 hours, I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow and it's smaller. I can't believe it got bigger! :wall:

I've dreaded this ever since stopping accutane. My derm said to me "you'll never have a cyst again" when starting 3 years ago. I feel eventually down the road I'll take accutane again, but right now it's not a good option.

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