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Just wanted to share: a (nearly) vegan diet is really helping me...

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So I've been creeping on Acne.org forums for years and years, but I've never really posted anything. I just wanted to share with anyone who thinks diet has no bearing on acne... because it's not true.

I have really oily skin and mild, but ever-present acne all over my face. I'm prone to hyperpigmentation, so I have dark spots all over my face from old acne... Sigh. I've had acne since I was ten or so, and I'm twenty-two now... I always sort of thought I'd grow out of it, but since hitting my twenties, I've really started to look for better solutions.

I've tried all manner of benzoyl peroxides (I used prescribed 10% for seven months to no effect...), I tried both oral and topical antibiotics, which worked for about a week and then stopped working...

Finally, I recently decided to revamp my diet. I've always noticed that my skin gets worse after things like parties and vacations, when I eat massive amounts of processed foods, starches, refined sugars, etc. Pizza + cake = a nightmare for my skin.

A couple week ago, I totally changed my diet. I suppose my diet can be described as anti-inflammatory, and it has worked freakin miracles on my skin. I've been a vegetarian my whole life, so I stopped eating dairy. I imagine that for meat-eaters, switching to fish and low/no dairy would be a good idea -- going vegan might be too extreme.

Anyway, I eat tons of greens (slathered in extra virgin olive oil!), modest amounts of brown rice, lots of colorful veggies (but not many tomatoes, as they are inflammatory), low-sugar, low-acid fruits (apples, berries, melons).

I'm not claiming that this will work for EVERYBODY, but I want to say that this diet of veggies, low carb, and no dairy has worked perfectly for me. I'm not getting any new break outs at all, and it's amazing. It's the first time I've had clear skin in TWELVE YEARS, and I just wanted to share. :-)

Olive oil is supposed to be great for the skin, and I use it for everything -- cooking, dressing salads, etc. It just has to be extra virgin.

So, if you think your diet might be affecting your acne, it probably is! Try an anti-inflammatory diet. It's working for me! :-)

...also, there is, of course, room for cheating... I'll have a dessert every now and then, but I'm not eating nearly as much refined sugar as I used to be.


Thanks for reading!

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Great to know this is working for you! I'be been vegetarian for a year and decided to start a vegan diet with minimal processed foods and no refined sugars. Today was actually my first day of this plan, and hearing that it helped you makes me feel a lot better!

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