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I've been on the Regimen for several years, and just decided to incorporate AHA+ into it. I LOVE this product! OMG.

I've been applying a thin layer over my entire face twice a day. Stings mildly at first, but that goes away within a few minutes. My skin is looking SO much better and feeling so much healthier. But reading on these boards makes me wonder if twice a day is too much. Should I cut back to one time a day, or keep going with twice a day since my skin seems to be ok?? Help! Don't want to mess my skin up! Thank you.

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Guest pokemonster

yea, i think too that 2x is a bit too much, once a day or once 2 days or even once in 3 days is better, but ofc depends on how sensitive or no is your skin, so u have to test it out yourself, anywayz dont forget u have to use sunscreen too now, esp if ur out for longer times, and if so then u might need to reapply it too

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Thank you both, for weighing in. I'll cut back and see if I'm still happy. ;)

AcneSlayer... OMG, I was on Ortho-Tri when I was in my early 20s and had to get off ALL pills when I was 22. I LOVED my skin when I was on Ortho... had no idea how much it was helping keeping me 100% clear until I had to stop taking it. About 6 months later my acne came back WAY WAY WAAAY worse than before I was on the pill. Not to freak you out, but my hormone balance swung significantly out of whack because of the pill. Just to warn you for that time in your life when you stop taking it.... It's not been fun trying to stay clear ONLY using topical methods. The only other thing (besides ortho) that ever got me clear was being pregnant 2 years ago. Then 6 months after having my daughter, same exact thing... Hormones swung back to how they were. BAH. Enjoy the ortho while you're on it. ;>)

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