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Bumps Under Skin

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My face is genreally pretty clear, i will get an occasional pimple every now and then. However, my chin seems to be different. I have recently been getting these things that start as hard lumps under the skin and then form in a quasi-white head. it is too small to pop and if i try to squeez it it just hurts and gets red. Every couple of weeks they weill come back in the same general area. It usually takes a week or two for these to go away. What should i do, why is it only on my chin?

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This sounds pretty much exactly like what is plaguing me right now too, except mine is on my upper lip area. Are you on the regimen?

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I have this all over the bottom half of my face, where the "beard" would be -- if I was male!

Aside from the candida diet (which is the only long term solution) you can also use food grade H202 (3%) and just soak the face in it twice a day. Allow it to dry and repeat. Exfoliating with H202 also takes some of these white bumps off, but they will continue to rise up from beneath the surface so you have to keep doing it. It's best to do this in conjunction with the anti candida diet.

H202 is an anti-fungal AND anti bacterial agent, unlike benzoyl peroxide. That stuff can actually give you folliculitis, which is commonly mistaken for acne and does not respond to anti-biotics. These give you folliculitis too, very bad idea!

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