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accutane stopped working

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Currently on 4th month of taking accutane; week 14 (amnesteem).

1st month: 40mg, 2nd & 3rd month: 80mg.

my weight = 80kg

After 2.5 months my skin was very, very dry (just as the medicine is intended to do..perfect!!). When month 3 began my skin became significantly more oily. In fact, I did not even need to use lotion on my face!!! I called my dermatologist, spoke with his nurse, but they did not have any suggestions at all. I am really concerned because I fear my acne returning after treatment is finished unless my skin is really dry (resulting in shrinking oil glands). I've tried 3 things to fix this situation: (1) always drink with water (not milk), (2) take pill with a fatty meal atleast 10 minutes after I begin eating to allow food to get into stomach, (3) got my dosage increased to 160mg/day (at high end of scale = 2mg/kg). I just implemented these things 2 weeks ago; I am beginning to get drier, but I hope it gets more dry soon. I need to figure this out quickly...any tips out there??? Has anyone encountered this type of situation when taking 1mg/kg..80mg? I wonder if my body has just adapted to this medicine and it is no longer effective for me??? I'm very confused at the moment b/c I thought it was supposed to make your skin bone dry. Help me!!


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