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Are there any really good multivitamins out there?

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I'm looking for a really good multivitamin. Preferably either a softgel or liquid form for good absorption. Right now I'm taking 3 omega 3 pills a day, 4 vitamin d3 pills a day, 3 magensium, and I'm not really getting any calcium (which really concerns me).

I'd like to have a GOOD quality multivitamin that will give me a good base of vitamins like vitamin A, K12, calcium, zinc, magneisum, C vitamin, B vitamins, for days where I dont get ALL my veggies in there, but that also contains at least 2000 IU of vitamin d3 and also a good amount of omega 3.

Is this wishful thinking? I try googling it and can't find it, and can't find anything at our local drug store.

I'd also like it so my husband can take a good amount of vitamins, but he HATES taking the 2 omega 3's I make him take already...so it'd be easier if I could get something all in one.

Thank you if you have any suggestions! :D

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The best I know of is Garden of Life - a wholefood vit with enzymes and probiotics C: Another brand is New Chapter!

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i dont believe in the omega 3 hype, but i like mercola's multi vitamin, which does contain vitamin d3, but also contains albion chelated minerals, which are supposed to be the highest quality, and which many of the "supposed" best manufacturars use.

many, but not all of the companies that use albion can only be purchased through a licensed health professional such as a doctor or nutritionist, blue bonnet nutrition and swanson vitamins are good places to get albion chelated minerals, which i prefer in capsule form, not a tablet and contain minimal filler substances.

mercola also has a more expensive version that includes some of the macrominerals as well. other wise another option would be life extension foundation, they have many formulas available which may have what you are looking for. generally speaking,they a are a decent manufacturer as well.

when it comes to minerals though, i suggest only albion chelates, i have only had bad experiances with, citrate, malate, and carbonate, gluconate versions of minerals. albion chelates theirs to glycine which is an amino acid and supposedly mimics the process of how the body naturally assimilates them, and also, there chelation process is patented.

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